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TheMomBuzz is a Book Buddy with Paragon Books. As a Book Buddy, I receive books to test with my kids and write reviews on! We are ADDICTED to books, so I am so excited to share my thoughts!


My six year old son loves the Boy Stuff: Paper Planes Activity Book from Parragon Books. Almost every day he wants to make several new planes. So when Parragon Books heard that, they sent two new activity books for him to try out.


First we tackled the Dino Supersaurus: Build And Play (Dino Supersaursus). Inside are stiff, carboard dinosaurs they can build that are modeled after the Supersaurus Characters. There is also a small activity book with 21 activities they can complete, such as mazes, matching and coloring. The activity book is great for trips or impromptu times that they have to WAIT. For example, when my 6 year old is waiting for my 8 year old to finish his Tae Kwon Do class.

DinoSupersaurusCardboard DinosupersaurusCover

The cardboard characters, once completed, don’t STICK together. You have to slide heads, arms, legs in place. If you move them, they will lose a few body parts. But it is a good activity for fine motor skills. If you want them to STAY TOGETHER, I suggest glue and/or tape. The Box Set is available on Amazon for a MSRP of $9.99.



We also received a thick journalesque activity book. I actually think this is better for ages 8+. It is called Live, Imagine, Draw (Drawing Books). It is a thick book – 160 pages! It has ideas on every page and/or spread to encourage a child to use their imagination and creativity when drawing. Some ideas include:

  • Draw this lion’s roar
  • What does the color red look like when it’s jealous
  • Write a list of words about wind. Now blow those words into a drawing of a windy day.
  • Draw what is inside this suitcase
  • Create a mosaic using this graph paper


Those are just some of the ideas in the book. There are also pages for free drawing. Isn’t this creative? I can see gifting this to a budding artist, and it is also a great gift for tweens – adults. Any age! I would gift it with high quality gel pens and colored pencils to get them started!


Do you have a hands-on child that would benefit from activity books? Or would you prefer the journal sketch book Live, Imagine, Draw?

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  1. Love the Draw book. My niece would really like it.

  2. Oh my gosh I love the dinosaur activity book! It is so cute. This would be perfect for my nephew. Thanks!

  3. I love the creative activity book. Great to help kids with there drawing and creative play. Awesome!

  4. shelly peterson says:

    These are great activity books. My grandson loves dinosaurs and would enjoy these.

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