Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diapers

Our contributor received a sample for review. This is her opinion on the product.

A note from theMomBuzz, Erin T.: I adore cloth diapers. I used cloth diapers with my youngest son and was pretty sad about not being able to use them once he was potty trainer. Today’s cloth diapers are so much easier to use then the ones our parents or grandparents used. No pins, no handwashing. Some can even be worn through multiple sizes thanks to clips or snaps. I personally never tried Rock-a-Bums, but my contributor Dunja had this to say:


Rock-A-Bums was created by a mom who was looking for a diaper that would work for her baby and her style. In my opinion, there is nothing better than products made by parents for parents. Rock-A-Bums offers a great line of cloth diapers as well as inserts and wetbags. Their diaper designs are perfect for little rock stars, with prints in solid colors as well as rock star themes. We recently tried the 5-in-1 diaper , reusable insert, and hybrid insert. IMAG2805
The hybrid inserts are great for on the go because they can be thrown away after each use and are completely biodegradable. The reusable inserts are made from microfiber and topped with bamboo charcoal, both inserts effectively wick away moisture so the baby never feels wet.

What I really like about the 5-in-1 diaper is that it can be used in so many different ways:

  • All-in-One
  • All-in-2
  • Hybrid
  • Pocket
  • Bomb Shell diaper cover for disposable diapers to prevent blowouts.

The diaper has three different sizes adjustments so they will fit babies of various sizes. The diapers are great for anyone who uses cloth diapers, as well as disposables. How can they be used with disposables? Well, the fun prints can be used to cover plain disposable diapers so that they have a cute, new look.

With most cloth diapers, you only have one option as to how you want to use them and you buy them accordingly but with these diapers, you can use it as a pocket diapers one day and a hybrid the next. It’s like buying 5 different diapers for the price of one. Rock-A-Bums also offers a line of cloth diapers strictly made for newborns so everyone is sure to find something that will fit their baby.

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  1. (Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diapers) These are such great diapers for babies, my daughter-in-law has a few of these for my grandson to wear-

  2. 40 years ago there were cloth diapers that you folded and used big safety pins. Wish these had been around then.

  3. Very cute print! And these are so versatile. Love the cloth diapers, very eco friendly.

  4. These are so cute. When I used cloth diapers they were just plain old white ones. I always wished they at least had some colored ones. Now a days you can find so many colors and patterns.

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