Softbums Omni Cloth Diapers and Pods

Our contributor received a sample for review. This is her opinion on the sample received.

IMAG2804_BURST003I have bought a couple different brands of cloth diapers for my daughter, but this is the first time that I have come across a diaper that fits her so well. We are using the Omni diaper from Softbums which adjusts perfectly to any baby. If you have ever used cloth diapers, you know that most diapers have snaps to adjust to the size of your baby but still it still might not be that perfect fit you want. But with the Omni diaper I found a truly custom fit. It is perfect for each baby from the moment that they are born.

This perfect fit has been really great because it not only prevents leaks, but also prevents the sagging that can sometimes happen when using cloth diapers. SoftBums PATENTED SlideĀ²Size is the ONLY variable adjustment of its kind and it also has a snap in the back that allows you to snap in the insert and prevent it from sliding around. I have been very pleasantly IMAG2807surprised by the quality of the diaper as well as the inserts that I received.

The inserts, also called pods, are made from natural bamboo and are very absorbent. I use them on long car rides or when my daughter takes a nap and they have been really great. No leaks and they dry much faster than other inserts that I have used with cloth diapers. These inserts are also much slimmer than most microfiber inserts which also reduces the poofy appearance that cloth diapers tend to have.

These diapers are comparable in price to most cloth diapers that are made in the USA and in my opinion these are perfect diapers to stock up on if you are planning on using cloth diapers with your baby.


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  1. I love that it prevents sagging & I love the snap in back. Great cloth diaper overall.

  2. I wish these had been around 40 years ago when I could have used them.

  3. Vickie Couturier says:

    my two youngest grandsons wear cloth diapers,,these look very nice

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