The Newest Printer for Every Day Printing – Expression Photo XP-860

TheMomBuzz recently has the opportunity to review the new Epson printer, the Expression Photo XP-860, which is perfect for everyday printing – from photos to homework assignments, labels to schedules. It is a wireless printer, which makes it so convenient to print from your phone or laptop, wherever you may be in the house. Plus it can also be used as a copier or scanner.


Expression Photo XP- 860 Highlights:

  • Color Prints – Single Page 9.0 PPM / Double Sided 4.5 PPM
  • Black Prints – Single Page 9.5 PPM / Double Sided 4.7 PPM
  • 4×6 Borderless Photo – As fast as 10 seconds per print
  • Scan Resolution – up to 4800×4800 dpi/ppp
  • Print Resolution – up to 5760×1440 dpi/ppp
  • Easy ability to print from
    • iPad & iPhone
    • Android, Kindle Fire and Google Cloud Print
    • Wifi Direct Printing:
  • Epson Connect – free mobile printing solutions: Email Print, Epson Creative Print, Epson iPrint & Epson Scan to Cloud
  • USB and SD card slots


Like most other electronics, open with caution to prevent any damage to the printer. Make sure to remove all blue pieces of tape before starting up the printer and add the ink. I found it relatively easy to input the ink – drop in with a light press and listen for a light clicking sound.

Epson added an extra round of ink in the packaging, since at times you run out at the most inconvenient of times, usually when a project or assignment is due.

Once the ink is installed proceed in plugging the device to get it started. The device touch screen appears and initializes the input of date and time. Once complete, it takes around seven minutes to prep for the first usage and other areas for setup. The process was simple and completed with ease.


After several minutes it was time for the Wi-Fi and the setup was painless. Simply press the setup button, navigate down to network settings, select Wi-Fi Setup and wait to select your home network. Once selected, input your password and you’re good to go. A confirmation notification pops up and just push proceed.


Unlike printers in the past, you’re not tethered to a wire and multiple devices can be used to access the printer. Sending a picture from the iPad to the printer went quick and the quality of the picture taken earlier in the day was crisp, clear and reminded me of the pictures picked up from the Photomat years ago.

With being a multipurpose device the scanning and printer options were also easy. To store the scans and pictures the option to e-mail, upload to the cloud or simply use a USB device to deliver or store the files. SD cards are also an option, which could be compatible to cameras or other devices.


The device works as advertised and lives up to the promise of an easy to use multipurpose printing/scanning device. It did seem to take a few minutes to print a picture from the iPad, but that might have been my local connection. We have another Epson printer that I print photos from my phone (it’s so CONVENIENT) and once you print the first picture, the rest go through quicker. And the quality of the photo is unsurpassed!  Especially when you consider the alternative would be uploading pictures to Walgreens or CVS and wait a day or two for a clerk to get around to handing you the picture. Honestly, the quality appears to be just as good, if not better then what you pick up at the store.

Learn more about the Expression Photo Printer and it’s wireless features at!

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