Fitness Fanatic Gift Idea: Awesome Workout Tanks for Him and Her

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One day while buzzing around the Internet I discovered the most awesome workout tank top. I needed one, because I HATE working out in sleeves. For me, it’s a sports bra with a tank top layered over it. But I didn’t like ANY of the options at Dicks Sporting Goods. They sell AWESOME Under Armour and Nike shorts and leggings for women, but their sports bras and tank tops leave me wanting.

So then I spotted this tank top online:


Uhm. Awesome, right? And I pinned it. Then I pinned about 15 other tank tops this company – G2OH – sold. I wanted them for me. I wanted them for my husband. I wanted them for the 90 year old woman that works out at the gym, her 30 year old workout partner, the trainers, my sister. If anyone has ever aspired to perspire, they needed these tank tops. Crossfit, Runners, Lifters, Cardio Bunnies – there is a tank for each of them.

But as I filled my cart up I got worried. Shopping for workout apparel tops for guys is easy. The cuts are big and loose. But girl styles are oh-so tricky. Would I be a small, because of my slim weight? A Medium because of my large back? Maybe I would require a bigger fit because of the figure-flattering cut. I took a plunge and went with medium for the Yoga-esque option along with the Terminator-inspired one.

The minute they arrived, I pulled off the tank top I was wearing and tried them on. Lengthwise they go mid-booty, do it doesn’t look like I am wearing a dress, nor does it lift too high with overhead moves. It has enough give to stretch with my body for all movements, while still having a flattering cut that makes me feel cute while working out. Yes, I like to look a little cute, even when making my grunting work-out face.

Glute day. #squatyoumust #g2oh #gymrat #girlswholift

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Overall, I am ready to fill up my cart once again – after all, I have to let everyone know that Barbells are Magical and the Wednesday Pump Day tank.


G2OH can be your one stop for fitness apparel for the fitness geek in your life! They have men and women apparel, shorts, tanks, tees, socks, and hoodies. If you have any questions regarding fit on the tanks, feel free to ask!

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  1. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

    I love the tank top!! It’s really cute! I don’t like to wear sleeves when working out either because I sweat a lot.

  2. Those are really cute tanks! My 30 year old daughter would like to wear these when she exercises!

  3. I love these tanks! Great colors!

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