LapGear – Perfect Gift Idea for College Students! #win

We have a small house. My boys don’t have desks to do their homework at. Usually they sit on the couch and work on a small table pulled in front of them while I prepare dinner. And overall I found it cumbersome. I wanted something better and found it at LapGear.


LapGear sells a variety of Lap Desks and Tablet Accessories to make working on a bed or couch comfortable and productive. They sent each of my boys a LapDesk to review, one in green and one in blue, and I was immediately thankful. Now when it is time for them to do their homework, they know to grab their respective LapDesks from their rooms and get to work.


There are a variety of LapDesks to choose from, suitable for college students, stay at home work, professionals and more. I wanted the simple student lap desk, though, which retails for $14.99 and is available in 6 colors: black, red, pink, blue, green, purple. I went with the green and purple.

The boys love how comfortable, cushy and plush the bottom of the desk is, the part that sits on their laps. The top is a sturdy, flat surface that even has a spot to hold writing utensils when not in use. It has a handle for them to easily carry the lapdesks to and from their rooms.

The student lap desk measures 15.4″ x 1.63″ x 12.40″. You can find it and other options at


One reader will win a LapDesk of Choice from To enter to win, please follow the Rafflecopter directions below. This contest begins 11.17.14 and ends 11.30.14.

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  1. Valarie Lee Gentry says:

    I love the Smart Media Desk Executive! The ipad fits nicely in this desk plus gives you room to write or do whatever!

  2. My favorite is the Tablet Pillow™ Exec

  3. My favorite is definitely Smart Media Desk™ Exec

  4. vickie couturier says:
  5. Meghan Malicoat says:

    I really like the Deluxe™ Notebook LapDesk. It would be perfect for my laptop.

  6. I love the deluxe notebook lapdesk!

  7. I just love the Mobile™ notebook LapDesk.

  8. My favorite is the Deluxe™ Notebook LapDesk.

  9. I like the Deluxe Notebook LapDesk. We don’t use tablets yet, I have a laptop.

  10. I like the Deluxe™ Notebook LapDesk.

  11. Sharon Kaminski says:

    My favorite lapdesk is the Smart Media Desk™ Exec.

  12. I would like to get LapGear’s Deluxe Notebook LapDesk

  13. sydney anderson says:

    My favorite is the Tablet Pillow™ Exec

  14. I like the lap desk the best, I think. It would allow a laptop to have the proper airflow underneath, too.. it could be used for any electronics we have. And the homework.

  15. I want the desk! 🙂

  16. anthony ciofani says:

    My favorite is the Tablet Pillow™ Exec sweettttttttttttt

  17. Smart Media Desk Executive

  18. I like the Smart Media Desk™ Exec

  19. My favorite Lap Desk would have to be the Smart Media Desk Exec–it’s really nice looking.

  20. I like the Jumbo MyDesk® all-purpose LapDesk. thank you!!

  21. Christina Sparks says:

    I like the Deluxe™ Notebook LapDesk

  22. I definitely like the Deluxe Notebook LapDesk best but I do like the Smart Media one too.

  23. Barbara Montag says:

    My favorite is the Jumbo Student LapDesk with clip – thank you.

  24. I like the Deluxe Notebook Lapdesk

  25. my favorite is the Designer Series 300 LapDesk, Silver & Black

  26. Nannypanpan says:

    I like the student lap desk in red

  27. my favorite is the Smart Media Desk™ Exec, my daughter would love the student one in hot pink or blue.

  28. I like the Smart Media Desk Exec.

  29. I like the CLASSIC WOODEN EXEC desk

  30. I like the Smart Media Desk II™ Hard Coat

  31. Jennifer Oms says:

    I like the Student LapDesk.

  32. My fave is the Deluxe Notebook LapDesk

  33. I like the Smart Media Desk II™ Soft Touch.

  34. Susan Christy says:

    I love my Mobile™ notebook LapDesk and it’s almost worn out so I’d like a new one.

  35. ReggieMann says:

    I like the Student™ LapDesk in Purple

  36. I like the Student™ LapDesk in red.

  37. betty badgett says:

    Designer series 300 – Really pretty and very functional. I don’t have a dining area so I’m on the couch, chair or bed.
    Thank you

  38. I really like the Classic Exec Wooden LapDesk

  39. I’d get the Smart Media Desk Exec!

  40. I like Deluxe™ Notebook LapDesk

  41. Carolyn Daley says:

    I love the Smart Media Desk Exec best. It would make it easier for me to multitask anywhere.

  42. I would have to say the Mobile™ notebook LapDesk

  43. Jill Myrick says:

    My favorite is the School House Wooden Lap Desk.


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