Is Your NEW Tablet Protected? Trident Cases

I recently became the owner of a new iPad Mini! Happy Birthday to ME, right!? And something so precious needs to be protected. I learned the hard way that a notebook style case isn’t enough, since my last iPad met its maker when my youngest dropped it. It never stood a chance, and as a result I’ve been sans iPad for over a year. :wah: But this new iPad mini, otherwise known as “my precious” was to be completely protected by what I considered the new bestest in the market, the Trident.


The Trident Kraken A.M.S. has been well tested for the past year in my house. My oldest owns it in blue on his iPad mini and my youngest has it in green. So if iPad minis can be protected for the past 11 months (Santa ’13) for a 6 and 8 year old, I think this 36 year old can manage just fine by protecting her iPad in a HOT PINK Trident Kraken.


The Trident Kraken I received was a media sample. I chose it mostly because it has the built-in screen protector, protecting it from items that may fall on or scratch the glass.  I can reassuringly toss it in my backpack and gym bag, because the shock absorbing silicone and polycarbonate shell protects it when I casually drop my gym bag in a corner. Plus, ports are protected and it has a dust filter!

Is it weather-proof? Well, it can withstand some rain, wind and dust storms, but please take better care of your electronics! The case is up to military standards, but most of us are just using it for home use! And yes, our kids and our own clumsiness gets the bests of us and our electronics at times, but that’s why I feel secure (and fabulous) with my hot pink Trident Kraken.

If you are interested in protecting your Apple iPad, check out the Kraken – available at and Amazon.

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