3 Steps to Courage, Confidence and Mindfulness

ErinHairWe tend to think of courage, confidence and bravery as inborn characteristics. Either you have them or you don’t. However, these are learned behaviours. People learn how to be confident – or how not to be – in the situations they meet on an everyday basis. We judge each other and judge ourselves. These judgments, especially the internal ones, can lead to self-doubt and erode our self-confidence. No one has to live with these negative feelings. Restore your confidence with the following three steps.

1. Follow your heart. Most of us have been taught to use our brain when making decisions, ignoring our emotions. Emotions are seen as irrational and even dangerous. However, the only way to achieve positive feelings such as happiness and courage is to let our hearts show us the way. You know intuitively what path you should take for spiritual awakening.

2. Plan with your brain. While your heart is a valuable tool in determining your path, your brain is an important player when it comes to actually planning and executing your dreams. In addition, you should carefully think through your emotionally-based decisions to ensure that they are feasible.

3. Get in touch with the real you. How can you be confident in who you are if you are not aware of who you are? A lack of self-confidence is often caused by listening to the opinions of others instead of getting to know your very valuable and courageous self.

These steps teach you to love, trust and believe in yourself. This leads to less insecurity and better decision-making. While this training is hard work, there is help in Sydney to support you in learning to be more confident and mindful. Visit http://rezinate.com.au/ to learn more about confidence-boosting mindfulness training in Sydney.

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