Cool Sculpting for Christmas and Other Cosmetic Wishes

womenlegs When I was younger, I wanted toys. As a teen, money would be great. As an adult, my idea of gifts have changed. Lasik Eye Surgery please, so I can put away the glasses and see the world with 20/20 vision. Invisalign or braces for a sure, sun-shine smile. Maybe¬†a bit of a lift for just the right amount of cleavage in a cocktail dress or bikini. And maybe remove some pesky hair with laser hair removal, because I know that hair wasn’t “there” just last year!

What changed from my younger years? I honestly don’t know, but I DO know I am not the only 30+ year old woman who might prefer a little coolsculpting, instead of a new vacuum. And don’t the ever-ambiguous “they” say that 30 is the 20. And 50 is the new 30. So if we feel that way on the inside, why not look that way on the outside.

Don’t tell me it’s superficial. A lot of what we do that is good for us is based on superficial reasons! Eating healthy might lower cholesterol, plus help you lose a few pounds. You can’t see your cholesterol level in the mirror, but you can see that your jeans fit a little better. I feel that the health benefits of exercise and a proper diet are the intrinsic motivation, but what you see in the mirror is the extrinsic value.

And when it comes to cosmetic surgery, how it emotionally makes you feel better is that same intrinsic motivation. Prior to braces, I would hide my smile behind my hand or a well-angled selfie. After braces, I smile with confidence when I know there is no kale stuck between the teeth.

Worried about the stigma associated with seeing a Plastic Surgeon for work? Well, there is no stigma if you tell your friends you are seeing a dermatologist. It can be your little secret that dermatology treatments and services, like from Clarkson Dermatology in Michigan, offer services like coolscuplting for fat reduction, laser hair removal, fillers for wrinkles and acne treatment.
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So this year, leave bulges and wrinkles in the past and gift yourself a more youthful appearance for the new year!

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