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At my local gym we have our regulars and a nice steady flow of new members. But I know from years of experience that once January hits we will have many new members with goals of remaking their bodies and improving their health, which I completely applaud! I get excited for these new members, even as they look at the machines, equipment and free weights with trepidation. They aren’t sure of what to do … yet. So they jump on the cardio equipment and watch.

As a personal trainer, I love leading them to the wonders of strength training. Strength training has an important place in toning the body, losing fat and building that coveted lean muscle. I adore the free weights for that, but there is also a place for using your body weight and resistance bands for those times that weights aren’t easily accessible, or simply to change up your routine.

fitgevitysetfitGevity Resistance Bands are perfect for that. You can order them on Amazon as a set. It includes

  • 41″ loop band: purple: 10-35 pounds of resistance,
  • 41″ loop band: orange: 30-50 pounds of resistance,
  • 2 foam padded handles,
  • 1 door anchor,
  • 1 anywhere strap;
  • 1 extra carabineer clip;
  • 1 carry bag
  • Access to fitGevity Fitness Videos

For me, it’s a travel must. If you are on the road a lot or have limited access to the gym, this can get you started. You can get a full body workout with the bands, hitting your triceps, biceps, legs, back and core. If you outgrow the 50 pounds of resistance of the orange band, then just loop the orange and purple band together.

Some of my favorite exercises included using them for:

Donkey Kicks, to strengthen the glutes and hamstrings


Lunge with Bicep Curl


Upright Rows and Tricep Extensions were also fun options! And I was delighted with the resistance I felt with “just bands”. They definitely challenged my muscles. And when I was all done, I just packed it away in its little travel bag again. It’s definitely nice to throw into my gym bag, just in case I wanted to change up my routine a little or if the weights I normally choose are all being used by other gym members.

fitGevity resistance bands have a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. You can check there for their most current pricing. They also have additional sets, bands and accessories available. You can find them at


fitGevity provided the sample for review. They are also providing a second set for one random reader. To enter to win, just tell me your fitness goals or what you currently do for exercise in a comment below. Also, be sure to follow the Rafflecopter Widget instructions for additional was to earn extra entries. This contest begins 12/16/14 and ends 12/31/14.


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  1. I have already begun my lifestyle change as I call it, with the goal of losing 50 pounds, or my perfect spot for my height for my health but also 2 major reasons. 1. My first ever cruise in October 2015 and 2. I want to lose all excess weight so that i can qualify for a breast reduction and not have them say i should try to lose weight first. It doesn’t work they aren’t fat tissue for me.

  2. I used to run about 3 to 4 times a week but this year I haven’t done anything. I have eaten better recently and reduced sugar a lot. But I would like to build up and tone up my body this coming year.

  3. My fitness goal is to get back in shape! I broke both wrists and was unable to do much of anything. I am recovered now, but am in awful shape…. time to get back to it!

  4. My goal is to lose weight and build endurance so I can enjoy playing with my son more.

  5. Sharon Kaminski says:

    I have a band that is getting weak. I use it for abs and to strengthen my legs and arms.

  6. I plan to lose about 10 pounds within the next few months. My husband and I do the Les Mill Bodypump classes at the Y and do the Exercise bike and walking in the neighborhood.

  7. My fitness goal is to run a marathon! I currently do the elliptical machine at the gym.

  8. says:

    On one piece of cardo machine at the gym for an hour 6 days week plus a little weights.

  9. Michelle Melchione says:

    I want to lose 15 pounds.

  10. Stephanie MacDonald says:

    i just need to exercise more often

  11. I need to do strength and cardio

  12. Steve Stone says:

    I would like to lose 20 pounds. i currently ride my bike and walk.

  13. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I definately need to shape up so Ive been doing the treadmill 5 days a week for about 40 minutes! I also lift 15 lb. weights a few days a week.

  14. Missie Freeman says:

    I do very low impact exercises every other day, but plan to ramp it up in 2015!

  15. Melissa Zimmerman says:

    I need to stay lean during my pregnancy

  16. I currently use my elliptical to work out.

  17. currently just doing zumba

  18. Jessica H. says:

    My fitness goals are to be more active in the new year, and I want to work towards daily workouts. I have some bands, but they do not have handles like these, and I end up losing grip and hitting myself! lol Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  19. Kelley Roach says:

    My goal is to lose weight

  20. Jennifer Oms says:

    My goal is to exercise more regularly.

  21. leeanna haugen says:

    My fitness goal would be to lose a total of fifty pounds in the next year. I would also like to start swimming again.

  22. My goal is to finally start exercising regularly and to get toned.

  23. christine j says:

    I recently had a baby so for this upcoming year I would love to get fit and toned

  24. Michele Cupp says:

    My fitness goals include eating healthier and making more time in my schedule to work out. I need to get back into shape and lose some weight. I started a couple of weeks ago because I never seem to stick with it when it’s New Year’s resolution, so I’m trying something new this year. We have some equipment at home, but I could really use some resistance bands.

  25. DIANE HAMEL says:

    My goal is to look and feel better

  26. I want to remain in the same condition for the next year. Keeping active is important.

  27. I usually stick to the typical machines at the gym. My goal is to push myself harder this year and do more working out at home with different routines to keep myself engaged.

  28. Renee Richardson says:

    I recently lost almost fifty pounds and I have fifty more to go so my goal is to just continue being diligent about my diet and exercise routine. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  29. My fitness goal is to maintain my weight.

  30. Megan Kelley says:

    I currently only walk for exercise, but I intend to start jogging and doing some more exercises like squats/push ups/oblique push ups. My husband got a Fit Bit for Christmas so he is telling me each day how much activity is recorded; and I’m slacking!

  31. Jessica Lewis says:

    I am a diabetic so I exercise to keep my health in check.

  32. Rene Maria Creamer says:

    I just invested in some kettle balls and have started a 20 minute fast paced early morning routine with them. I’m sore today!!

  33. I use EA Active and Just Dance on Wii as well as Wii Fit, but I need to do more to improve my diabetes and heart disease.

  34. shea balentine says:

    Since it’s cold weather, I usually just use my treadmill and some Wii games =)

  35. Angela Cash says:

    My favorite activity is cycling. I also like yoga and swimming.

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