Making Change Less Stressful for Aging Parents in the New Year

Some of the changes that occur in life are welcome and exciting. Other changes can bring about uncertainty and stress. The stress-related changes are often those that arrived unexpectedly and require you to veer off of the well-planned path you’re on. Statistics show that about 10 million adults over the age of fifty are caring for an aging parent. Another poll shows that one in five Americans has had the responsibility of serving in the role of caregiver for at least one parent. Those numbers are likely to rise based on the expected increase in longevity. With these statistics in mind, it becomes important to explore ways to make lifestyle changes less stressful for everyone who is affected by the change. You can click here to find more detailed information on some of the caregiver support topics mentioned below.

papaMinimal adjustments

Keeping up with housework, preparing meals and running errands can become difficult or impossible for your aging parents. The realization of this can be disturbing. However, you may not be able to take over those duties due to your job, your family obligations or possibly your own health situation. This is the point at which it becomes necessary to bring in a home companion and someone to take over the basic homemaking duties. Those who work in this field are aware of the hesitancy seniors have regarding the presence of someone in their home and they are trained to approach the situation in a compassionate and professional manner.

Increased dependency

There is a strong likelihood, that as time goes by, your parents will require a higher level of in-home care such as medication monitoring and possibly nursing care. Injuries related to a fall or the recovery period following a surgery, stroke or heart attack often require more constant monitoring than you would be able to provide. Having had the assistance of a home companion, can somewhat pave the way for them to be more accepting of additional caregivers becoming a part of their daily routine.

Building a relationship with an agency that has the ability to provide caregivers at whatever level you need will make life a little less stressful for everyone. While there is no absolute way to know what the future holds, it is always good to have some knowledge of the options you have should your parents require in-home care.

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