ROVE Tumblers and Meal Containers – Meal Planning for a Healthy You!

It’s a new year and people are making resolutions to become healthier! Part of that success comes from working out – cardio and strength training! And the other part of becoming healthier and more fit is diet. You can’t have one without the other, but the “diet” part can be the challenge.

Now don’t look at diet as deprivation and starvation, although the word has gotten a bad rap through the decades. Diet is simply referring to the food that you put in your mouth – and how many times a day you are putting it in your mouth! A diet can be referencing potato chips and pizza bites 5x a week, or a salad with grilled chicken. And we know in our hearts that eating pizza bites 5x a week is not the healthier option.

So you need to plan a little. I suggest 6 meals a day, a proper amount of healthy carbs, protein and fats and proper hydration.

For hydration, one of my favorite tumblers is the 14 ounce hot and cold hydration mug that I received for review. I fill it with water or tea, depending on my mood. My favorite thing about it is the 360 sip lid. There is a button in the middle that you push and it lets you drink. Push it again to lock it, so that liquid doesn’t come pouring out when you least expect it. It has a screw top lid so you can fill it with ice and your drink. It comes in four fabulous colors – blue, green, silver and purple. They are normally $15.99, but they are now $7.99 on sale! I highly suggest it, using it daily for the past 2 months!


“Infusing” drinks is also big right now and a great way to encourage an increase in water consumption. People infuse with fruit, flavored ice and/or herbs. ROVE has double wall flavor infuser tumblers that have a special container mid-tumbler that you can put your flavors that you want to infuse into your water. These tumblers are 20 ounces and come in red, green, orange, and blue. These are normally $17.99, but are on sale for $8.99 right now!


Finally, meal prep can go a long way! If you aren’t going to be home and now, plan ahead and make a healthy lunch, dinner or breakfast to go. ROVE has various Bento meal containers, 6 and 7 piece options. ROVE sent me a 7-Piece Laptop Iced Bento Lunchbox which I adore. It comes with a spoon, fork, hinged top, ice pack, a top layer container, a divider container that is removable. You can use the divider to separate various parts of your meal or you can remove it for a large salad or sandwich. I love the divider, putting in rice noodles, hard boiled eggs, grape tomatoes, a spinach salad and more tasties! Normally this container is $25.99, but now it’s on sale for just $12.99. It comes in fun colors, like blue, pink, white, and green. It is great for adults and kids!


ROVE has lots of options to help you be a fitter you and meet your New Years Resolutions! Visit Rove’s Online Store before their sale ends!


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