Mad Hatter Costume for Her #FairyTaleDay

My sister’s birthday is coming up and she is absolutely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I told her we should have a Mad Tea Party and dress up for the occasion! So just in case I have her convinced, I went ahead and requested the Sexy Mad Hatter costume for review as part of the Costume Reviewers. My husband has already agreed to be the March Hare, a perfect companion for the Hatter. And then we just need a few more fairy tale guests to really make it a fun birthday!


When the costume first arrived, I was thrilled. It came with:

  • A Bustier with Straps and Garters
  • Skirt
  • Striped Tights
  • Hat


The bustier’s garters are attached and meant to be worn OUTSIDE the skirt. A little unusual, but goes well for the Mad Hatter. Go with the unexpected. The straps on the bustier are adjustable, which I love. And it has a side zip, so you can get in it without having to slip it over your head. It’s actually well made, as far as costumes go, and will be able to last a few wearings. The details on the bustier include a boy at the center of the chest, boning that is not overly sturdy (which means you can breathe), and gold buttons down the front. My torso must be longer than the models, because her belly button doesn’t show when she wears the costume – mine does.

The Skirt has a slight checkered pattern on it, green on green. It’s has a tulle skirt underneath, but I suggest buying another tulle skirt or petticoat to really fluff it up. I also suggest wearing little boy shorts underneath, otherwise your derriere will be seen everywhere.

The striped tights are decent tights. Be careful or they will rip. They attach with the garters, over the skirt to the bustier.

And the hat is fantastic. My son loved it and wants it, once I am done with the costume.

Overall, I am pleased with this costume. Now we just need to get my husband suited up as the March Hare and we will be ready to celebrate birthdays, unbirthdays and Halloween!

Purchasing Information: The Sexy Mad Hatter and other Alice in Wonderland and Fairy Tale costumes are available at Many costumes are on sale this time of year, so plan now, purchase soon and be prepared for any occasion!

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  1. it is a pretty daring costume, not for a wallflower like me! Cute photo!!!

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