Plan Something Fun for Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay

valentinesValentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many wonderful ideas to explore that are fun to do at home. Make your plans now. Consider these fun ideas for your date, and consider your own. It’s not hard to think of fun things to do. The idea is to encourage interaction through communication, laughter, fun, romance and intimacy.

Surprise Surprise

Decorate the entire room while your love is asleep. Fill up the bedroom with red, pink and white balloons—the more, the better. Fill up the room with flowers and other decorations. When they wake up, they will see a floor completely covered with balloons and see a wonderful bouquet. One suggestion is to get your Valentines Day flowers from Fresh Flowers. Top this off with breakfast in bed. Create heart-shaped pancakes and have other favorite foods. Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year. Stay in bed and watch a romantic flick. If your honey enjoys action films or something else, indulge them.

Eat In

Breathe Easy with Less AllergensEat in instead of going out. Make a nice seafood dinner. Go all out. Get lobster, crab, fish, shrimp and other favorite seafood delights. Seafood is a known aphrodisiac. Decorate the table and exchange gifts.

Truth or Dare

Play truth or dare with your mate. Devise some questions you’ve always wanted to know. On separate pieces of paper, create dares for the other person to complete. If they choose not to answer a question, they have to pick a piece of paper out of a bowl. A dare can be as naughty or sweet as you want. Have fun with it!

Every day should be about love, but do a little extra on Valentine’s Day. Whatever is decided, have fun. Think of things that your mate might enjoy. If they don’t like going out, suggest staying in your pajamas the entire day. Valentine’s Day is about love, but it’s deeper than that. Let your loved one know what they mean to you. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Talk about the first time you met. Talk about good times and funny stories. Celebrate the day with what’s special and unique to both of you.

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