Four Valentine’s Day Cocktails #Valentines #Galentines #Cocktails #50ShadesofGrey

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, or hosting a “Gal”-entine’s Day, here are four Pinnacle Vodka crafted cocktails with everyone in mind.


First, just in time for the movie 50 Shades of Grey is the signature drink 50 Shades of Whipped!

50 Shades of Whipped

50 Shades of Whipped

2 parts Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka

4 parts ChocoVine® Wine

Mix in a glass filled with ice. Top with whipped cream.


If you want something sweet with your sweetie, lay on the Cinnabon Charm to hit the spot and warm up some hearts.

Cinnabon Charm1

Pinnacle® Cinnabon® Charm

1 part Pinnacle® Cinnabon® Vodka

2 parts Cruzan® Velvet Cinn™

Shake with ice and strain into a cinnamon sugar rimmed martini glass.


For going out with Gals to celebrate the love of Besties over Brunch, try the Pinnacle Brunch Date with Mimosa Vodka and Grapefruit.

Bestie Brunch Date

Pinnacle® Bestie Brunch Date

1 part Pinnacle® Mimosa Vodka

1 part Tonic Water

½ part Grapefruit Juice

Pour over ice in a rocks glass, stir well and serve with a lime wedge.


Finally, if you want something with Bite, even the Wicked Witch of the West couldn’t resist a Ruby Seduction.

Pinnacle Ruby Seduction

Pinnacle® Ruby Seduction

1 part Pinnacle® Original Vodka

1 part JDK & Sons™ Fleur Liqueur

2 parts Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

Mix in a glass with ice and top it off with a lemon wedge.

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  1. These drinks look fun and scrumptious! I’d like to make and/or have any of these!!!

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