Securing a Great Mystery Shopper Job in Australia: Three Top Tips

womansilhoetteWhat’s the latest new employment trend that’s sweeping Sydney? People all around the city are telling their friends: It’s time to get involved in mystery shopping! Mystery shopper jobs are growing at a tremendous pace. In fact, mystery shopping is inspiring other companies across Australia.

Why mystery shop? There are plenty of reasons. You’ll get a bit of money to make some purchases so your time is never wasted. Plus, there’s just something fun and exciting about being the “mystery shopper” whose observations are so important. You’ll get to report on how staff members at retail stores are doing and you can change customer service for the better.

There’s no shortage of mystery shopping openings out there, but you should make sure the one you choose is the right one for you. With that in mind, these three tips will help you in your search:

1) Look Closely at Pay Schedules
When you serve as a mystery shopper, you aren’t an employee: Instead, mystery shopping in Australia gives you the chance to serve as an independent contractor. You need to compare mystery shopping options and look at the pay schedules to make sure you get the right weekly or monthly pay schedule for your personal needs.

2) Be Proactive About Your Time
Another aspect of being an independent mystery shopper is making sure you can work the hours best for you. This is one of the best benefits of mystery shopping, since you can combine your work with a full-time job, parenting or anything your schedule is structured around. Be sure your mystery shopper contract gives you complete schedule control!

3) Seek Out Excellence in Hiring
There are some mystery shopping companies with stringent requirements and others that are not strict. Try to find a company you can trust — one that offers good money, sound growth opportunities and a name you’ll be glad to associate with. That usually means going with the companies that offer stricter policies and quality control.

Reliable mystery shopper jobs lead you to outstanding income through easy work that fits within your schedule. Above Benchmark is Sydney’s most popular mystery shopping firm thanks to its great support and high quality. Discover the opportunities by reading more here:

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