Keep Mold and Excess Sugar out of the Juice Box #Diy Juice Boxes

I’m always looking for non-candy alternatives to show my kids I care. For example, Easter is coming up fast, so what are some colorful ideas to put in the basket that will brighten their morning?


Well, last year I discovered Juice in the Box. Technically, Juice in the Box is a reusable juice container, but you can fill it with any non-carbonated drink you want. My choice for the kids is water. The containers are small and rectangular, easily fitting into most lunch boxes.

Juice in the Box is also good for orange juice, as opposed to buying the expensive tiny cartons. It also lets you water down juice or fill it with your own juice from home. It is great if you are trying to limit sugar and other ingredients that sneak into juices made for kids.


Another great perk is that you can SEE what’s inside. Have you heard horror stories about seeing mold come out of sippy straws when kids sip from juice boxes or juice packs? Well, with Juice in the Box YOU have control, not just of the amount of sugar but things you might not be able to see otherwise. All a juice box needs is one small puncture, not seen easily by an eye, and the inside becomes mold and bacteria filled. Keep the control over what your children are drinking with transparent containers.

Final say: The Juice in the Box not only lets parents choose the type of drinks they want to serve, but it can also ensure that the drink box is clean – no mold – via its see-through design.  In addition, since Juice in the Box is reusable, families also cut down waste.  It hits the trifecta of juice boxes.

Environmentally friendly, BPA free, so many cool colors and keeps YOU in control over what goes in your kid.  Learn more at: Juice in the Box

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  1. Wow I’ve never seen these before! I refuse to buy individual-sized foods, so this is perfect! And I love the bright colors and that you can see what is going on in there!! Nice!

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