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A snipe is a bit of an urban legend. Snipes are actually real, they’re birds! But in the sense of the practical joke, as in Disney Pixars Up, it is when children or inexperienced adults are told about a bird or animal called a snipe, along with a crazy way of catching it. For example, making strange “snipe calls” or banging rocks together.SnipeHuntSingle

So in the past, if your kids were driving you zany you might have sent them outside for that imaginary chase of catching a snipe, just to keep them busy. But now it’s a game, available for purchase on Amazon! And it is worth every penny! I played the Snipe Hunt with my kids over the weekend and it was so much fun. I can’t wait to get more kids in on the hunt.

So what is this NEW Snipe Hunt? It comes with two electronic snipes, one green and one orange. They look a bit like baby dragons or strange birds to me. They come with batteries already installed and a base. You turn on the snipes with a switch on each and place them on their base. Do it carefully, because a small hole on the bottom needs to line up with a small tip on the base. This is what keeps them unactivated, but ready to play.


Next, each player or team picks their snipe off the base and hides it. I would give my kids 30 seconds to hide their snipe and run back to me. Then they each have to go hunting for the other teams snipe. If the snipe isn’t found in 2.5 minutes after being lifted from the base, it starts to chirp. Eventually its eyes will light up too. Whoever finds the snipe first wins.

That said, when I hid both from my kids, there really was no winner. They were just loose looking for the snipes. I would give them hints on whether they were “hot” or “cold” in finding them.

There are so many ways to play. You can do teams. You can have each side hide their snipe at the same time. As a parent, you can hide both snipes and have the kids look for them. The kids even hid them and had me and their grandma looking for them. Have fun with it!

Snipe Hunt is for ages 5 and up. You need at least two players, but you can also break out in teams for larger groups. The Snipe Hunt comes from Education Outdoors, which has a lot of different games that families can play together. Peering at their website, Snipe Hunt would totally be my first pick, though!

Snipe Hunt is perfect for:

  • Easter! Everyone loves hunting for Easter Eggs at Easter. How about hunting for Snipes, as well? As a bonus, the kids get to hop into the action with hiding their colorful Snipe!
  • Spring Break and Summer: If you aren’t traveling, your kids might be tempted to stay on their game console or tablet the entire break. But get them outdoors and join in on the fun with a Snipe Hunt!
  • Parties: We’ve played just as a family, but I am already planning on playing this during my son’s birthday party. It’s a great game to keep kids of all ages busy!
  • Just Because: For the most part I like classic games, old-school Operation (not the new-fangled on with bigger openings), Risk, Chess, Checkers, etc. New games just get “old” fast, while the old games have staying power. But every now and then a new game gets me extremely excited – and Snipe Hunt fits that bill! It will be a new classic!

Ready to purchase Snipe Hunt? It is available on Amazon for under $20. Here you can get a peek at how they sound and my kiddos on the hunt!

Learn more about other Education Outdoor games at their website and follow them on their social media channels:


One reader will win a Snipe Hunt! To enter to win, please follow the directions on Rafflecopter below. This give-away starts 2.27.15 and ends 3.20.15.

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