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Are you dreaming of Spring Break and Sunshine? Well, don’t let the blizzard blues stop you. Start planning for the sunny days ahead and build your Amazon Wish List and Pinterest Boards with all your Spring Break Necessities.

You of course need a beach tote for your towels, sun block, reading materials, sunglasses and necessities. But here are other must-haves, some that may be new to you and some that you cannot continue to beach without!


If you are carrying a lot, I suggest a beach caddy, as well.  I currently have one with mesh bag and oversized wheels. It lasted a great, long time and many trips to the beach, but the netting is starting to fray. Next time I am going to purchase the Wheeleez (pictured on right), which has no netting and even larger wheels, making it easier to traverse the sandy beach.


Don’t forget some shade. If it’s just an intimate group, the Total Sunblock 7′ Umbrella will work wonders. It has a  7′ Diameter with tilt feature and blocks 99.8% UVA/UVB. It is perfect for sand, with an integrated anchor that stabilizes the umbrella. It does come with a carry bag, if you don’t have far to go. Otherwise put it in the beach caddy.


If you have kids, you will want some beach toys. We go with the basics for sand and surf. Surf includes boogie boards, sand skimmers and surf boards. Sand time means kites, frisbees, shovels and sand molds. You can’t go wrong with sand molds. My 7 year old still uses them to build castles. Oh, who am I kidding, I still use them too. I love these:

We also carry shark tooth sifters for the beaches we know have shark teeth settling in the sand.



My whole family loves music at the beach. The Creative Muvo Mini Portable Wireless Weatherproof Speaker makes it easy and carefree. It is designed for WET AND LOUD USE. It features two full-range micro drivers, an oversized bass radiator and provides 10 hours of use. It can even take calls, so you don’t have to handle your smartphone with sandy hands! It has a “tight” design, in both looks and build.


This design protects it from dust, foreign bodies (aka: sand) and even liquids. Don’t dump it in a pool, but it can handle being beach or poolside. The size is incredibly portable. Not so small that you will use it, instead it is lightweight, durable, long and low. Similar to a brick in size (7.4 x 1.4 x 1.7 inches), but not in weight. It comes in 4 colors (red, blue, black and white) and is available for $59.99.


Next up is a cooler with wheels to hold all the food and snacks. I am currently on the wait list for The Coolest, which is the coolest cooler in town, with its Accessory Deck compartment, built-in, 18 volt ice-crushing blender, a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, USB charger and oh-so much more.

Coolest 3-4 Prototype 11_15_14


And lastly, BEACH CHAIRS. I actually don’t have a favorite chair. I buy cheap ones ($10 more or less) that sit low to the ground from Target. They surprisingly last a long time before they get damaged by sea salt!



That is theMomBuzz’s Spring Break Must-Haves! What do you bring to the beach for Spring Break?

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  1. Oh, great ideas! I hadn’t thought about a waterproof speaker – but that is a great idea. I may add that to our beach list this year!

  2. That cooler is AWESOME! But I really want to add the Creative Muvo Mini Portable Wireless Weatherproof Speaker to my Spring Break bag!!

  3. Ok, this is just too cool! It’s the perfect way to make sure you can spend all day on the beach without giving up your ammenities! I want one!

  4. This is the first year we aren’t going anywhere for spring break, but I love that cooler!!

  5. I first heard about the Coolest Cooler when they were doing their Kickstarter campaign and I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Such a clever design with so many neat features especially the built in blender… endless possibilities await discovery! Love that you go to beaches with shark teeth. My girls would love to find even one!!

  6. I’m ready to hit the beach! That cooler is pretty awesome looking.

  7. My sister lives minutes from the beach & has the whole packing situation nailed down. I look like I’m going to be moving to the shore each time I go. Snacks, towels, toys–I end up with things falling over the place. I need a better packing plan.

  8. I wish I was seeing the beach this Spring break! Here in Massachusetts we’re getting buried in snow instead! I love that cooler though! I need that before summer comes!

  9. These are great ideas! I love being efficient with packing, but hadn’t thought about a caddy. I’ll have to give it a try.

  10. That is a really nice cooler. Perfect for a day at the beach! It’s almost hard to believe that spring is in a matter of a few weeks, as the weather is indicating otherwise! I can’t wait for the weather to be warm again.

  11. We aren’t going anywhere for spring break, but I am looking forward to it anyway! That cooler is awesome, and we need some new sand toys, too!

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