New Prints for the Popular PackIt Coolers @PackItCool

Last year I buzzed PackIt Coolers as must-haves for back to school. I use the PackIt Cooler Lunchbox a lot with my oldest son, because my youngest HAD to bring his lunch box shaped like a Shark or Moose to school.

I really liked the PackIt Coolers, though, because they have a freeze gel BUILT IN to the bag, so the whole thing acts like a cooler. You fold it almost flat to put it in the freezer, where it stays nice on the door shelf. No loose freezer packs flying out when I pull out popsicles or Toaster Strudels from the freezer. When I am packing lunch in the morning, I pull out the PackIt Cooler and pack it.


Both of these are PackIt Lunch Bags. The top shows it open and the bottom closed, for when it is stored in the freezer.


But recently PackIt Coolers released more kid-friendly designs that even my youngest son is proud to carry. My oldest has an older design of the Solar System and my youngest carries the new Monsters design. So I can pack his lunchbox full of Gogurt, Yogurt, Cheese, Water Bottles, etc., and it stays cool all day. And there are fun designs adults will love too!


And let me tell you, we’ve really tested PackIt Coolers, packing lunches and snacks in it during Florida summer and most of the school year and it is HOLDING UP. No cracks, no tears, no stuck zippers.

A single Freezable Lunch Bag holds a lot, we can stuff it with enough food for two boys when we are out exploring Florida. There are other sizes and shapes available, depending on your particular lunch and snacking needs. You can see the complete selection of sizes and designs at

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