Easter Fun: Animals in a Tube

The Easter Bunny has been busy on Amazon this year, putting things in the online basket to eventually put in our woven and plush baskets. One item that I received from Amazon to review as a possibility for Easter fun was an Animal Adventure Tube.


As usual, I briefly read the online reviews and thought that these were similar to ones I saw at Target or other local stores. A tube of small animals that would probably fit into Easter Eggs. I was delightfully wrong. The animals in these tubes are actually 4 – 6 times larger upon first impression.


The tube comes with 40 figures from different environments. Included are:

Dinosaur: 10 different styles of dinosaurs, including pteranodons, brontosaurus, stegasaurus, t-rex, triceratops, allosaurus and I think a plesiosaurus.

Ocean: Two beautiful seahorses, starfish, octopus, crab and various sharks and whales. I could see using these in art projects, spraying them various colors for decor.

Safari: Zebra, boar, alligator, rhino, a lion, lioness and two lion cubs, baboon, and elephant.

Farm: Two cows, three horses, a donkey, a sheep, a goat and two chickens.

Some of these may fit into very large Easter Eggs, but for the most part they are too large for my original intention. Lots of them could be used for crafty projects, turning them into Mason Jar Tops or other decor ideas. They would also make a great cake topper.



They still can be added to Easter baskets for fillers, which I think children 9 and under will appreciate. It also makes a great gift as-is or separate them as party favors.

Check out the tube on Amazon: Animal Adventure Tube

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    my grandkids would love this,,this is one thingthat I know they would enjoy

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