Hatch ‘Ems for Easter #WhatsInYourBasket


My boys love Animal Planet Hatch ‘Ems. Hatch ‘Ems are the size of regular eggs in a variety of colors. Each pack of Hatch ‘Ems has three eggs and three informational collector cards. You submerge the eggs in water and it takes about three days for the water to seep into the egg enough for the creature inside to grow enough and poke out. It is so cute, like a real baby!

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Year Round Themes include:

  • Safari Animals
  • Sea Creatures
  • Rainforest Animals
  • Dinosaurs


For Easter you can find something really spectacular, though, Hide ‘Em and Hatch ‘Em Eggs! There are different series that let you hatch a variety of Easter-themed animals. Series 1 hatches a chick, duck and rabbit. I was super excited to receive a three pack of these at theMomBuzz, because I am always looking for non-candy alternatives for Easter Baskets!

Awww! Baby triceratops Animal Planet Hatch Em

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We’ve hatched Animal Planet Hatch ‘Ems in the past, and these are some tips we’ve learned.

1. You don’t need to hatch in water. My youngest doesn’t like submerging his in water. Instead, he prefers to crack his eggs and have the immediate satisfaction of what it looks like.

2. You don’t need to leave it in water. My oldest prefers to hatch his in water, then he lets them dry out and doesn’t want to re-hydrate them. When you let it dry out, it gets small again.

3. The longer you leave them in water, the bigger they grow. Leave them in for too long (over a week), they seem to start breaking apart. I think their appendages get too big? So give them time to dry out between sessions.

4. They are fun bath time toys.



Overall, my boys have fun with these wet or dry. I think they are fun and a great alternative to candy filled eggs! You can purchase them on Amazon!


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  1. Terri S. says:

    These are so cute and great alternative to candy in my 2 granddaughters’ Easter baskets. I do not put a lot of candy in them and I’m always looking for things that are fun. Hatch ‘Ems would be great in Christmas stockings or as party favors too. Kids would love seeing a dinosaur or a sea creature hatch. Thanks for letting us know about them. 🙂

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