Chocolate Bunnies – Bottoms Up or Ears Down?


We are pretty picky about the chocolate that goes into our Easter Baskets, but I can’t say no to the Lindt Chocolate Bunny and his chocolate friends! No matter if you start eating the hollow bunny from the bottom up or ears first, that chocolate is creamy, dreamy, melt in your mouth, delicious!


Some new and popular Lindt must-haves include:

  • Lindt GOLD BUNNY: The iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY (pictured above) is the perfect centerpiece for any Easter basket or celebration. This premium, hollow 3.5 oz bunny is available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, and the hollow 7 oz Lindt GOLD BUNNY is available in Milk Chocolate. These chocolates are made in Germany! SRP: $3.99 and $7.49


  • Lindt GOLD BUNNY All Ears: My kids love this playful Easter option, getting absolutely goofy as they dress up with Lindt GOLD BUNNY style. The Lindt GOLD BUNNY All Ears makes for a fun addition to any Easter basket and will provide entertainment for all at your Easter celebrations. It comes with the iconic, hollow 1.7 oz Milk Chocolate bunny in the package. SRP: $6.99
  • LINDOREGGSNew! LINDOR Mini Egg Bags (4.4 oz): Add a touch of Lindt to your Easter basket! The LINDOR Mini Egg bags come in both Milk Chocolate and Assorted varieties, and are great for a mini personal indulgence or as a colorful addition to Easter baskets of all sizes. SRP: $3.99 each
  • New! LINDOR Milk Eggs (0.99 oz): The new LINDOR Milk Eggs will make for the ultimate smooth melting indulgence to enjoy on your own or share with loved ones! I had two of the Milk Chocolate ones. I bite the top off the chocolate egg, then eat the sweet, melty center, then finish off the bottom. They are individually wrapped and a delicious Easter treat. SRP: $0.69
  • New! Lindt Little Chick: I can’t believe this is new, it has such classic appeal! Just like the iconic bunny, the chick was created with the finest Milk Chocolate (pictured above). The foil is decorated as a white, playful figure that is lovingly dressed with a ribbon. Without a doubt, it will be a sweet addition to all Easter celebrations. Lindt Little Chick is available in a 3.5 oz Milk Chocolate hollow figure or in a package of five mini Milk Chocolate hollow figures. These chocolates are made in Germany. Available exclusively at Target. SRP: $3.99 each

But that’s not all.  The LINDT GOLD BUNNY is also the bunny that gives back. 10 cents of proceeds from the 3.5 ounce bunny will be donated to Autism Speaks, until April 5, 2015

How do you eat your chocolate bunnies? Ears first or bottom up?

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