Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Canvas Prints @CanvasPop #win #discountcode

Every year I order one to two Canvas Prints, depending on how cooperative my kids are being. I usually prefer the candid shots I get of them, when they are busy playing or thinking. Although I have a photo in mind for my next Canvas Print, where I had them sitting together to get a shot for Easter. They are in their pajamas and being goofy. It was just something I wanted to capture so I could send it to their father, who was not with us at the time. And I fell in love with the casualness of it, a peek at their love and attitude, so I am positive I am going to print it on canvas.


Why Canvas? Well, I do love art, especially images of people. I wonder what it’s like to be them, what they are thinking. And my favorite people happen to be my boys! Good canvas prints don’t fade and if you get them stretched, you don’t have to worry about frames.


Canvas Prints used to be “out of reach”. But now it’s easy to find locations in stores and online that can print them for affordable prices. Not all online canvas stores are created equal. Most of them do a good job stretching the canvas, but I also like them being ready to hang with the right equipment and good frames, ones that aren’t flimsy or ready to put a splinter in my finger.

Where do I suggest? Well, right now CanvasPop has a deal for 35% off with coupon code MOMBUZZ35. Code expires June 15, 2015.

CanvasPop uses archival-grade canvas, printers, ink and frames to ensure the high quality canvas photo prints that will not fade or degrade over time. They don’t outsource their work and their canvas prints are handcrafted in America.

Another perk is that they have designers that can even help print lower resolution photos, maybe some that you captures on your mobile phone. They can help fine tune your photo, remove red-eye, adjust colors and crop the image to fit your canvas photo print perfectly.



For example, above is a photo I took Summer 2014 on my mobile phone. I had my big, heavy DSLR with me, but I just took a snapshot of my son when he was sitting under a tree at D.C. to take a break. I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to turn it into a Canvas, but I had my doubts since it was just a digital quickie, something that Shutterfly would probably tell me wasn’t good enough resolution to print. But Canvas Pop turned it into a 16″ x 20″ Canvas for me as part of a review! Gorgeous! I cannot wait to find a spot for it in my home.


One reader will win a code to order a FREE CANVAS PRINT, up to 20″ x 16″ inches. Code is being supplied by CanvasPop. To enter to win, please follow the Rafflecopter Directions below. This contest begins 4.15.15 and ends 4.30.15.

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  1. I’d love to turn a beach picture into a canvas.

  2. I would have one of my daughter’s senior pictures put on canvas.

  3. vickie couturier says:

    oh yes,some nice pictures of all my grandchildren

  4. I woud do a picture of my daughter and her best friend for her room

  5. Tari Lawson says:

    I think I would use a photo I took of my husbands favorite running spot.

  6. I would use a photo of my brother and I at his wedding!

  7. I would use my wedding photo.

  8. I would use a picture taken of my recently newborn grandson and his big brother.

  9. I have an adorable picture of my dog I’d love to turn into a canvas.

  10. Holly C. says:

    I have lots of pics from our trip to Mexico, would pic one of them1

  11. Michele p says:

    I think there is a photo of my 2 grandsons when they were younger that I would love to add to my family room wall.

  12. Brittney House says:

    I would like to turn my niece’s first birthday party picture into a canvas.

  13. I have a picture take of a city view of Rome. I would love to turn that into a canvas to hang in our house!

  14. I have a picture of my son playing in the snow

  15. Jennifer W says:

    We recently got a shot of my 2 year-old son with his great-grandparents. I’d love to render that one on canvas!

  16. I would love to put one of my daughter’s wedding pictures on canvas.

  17. a picture of my son when he was little and chunky

  18. autumn b says:

    a picture of my boys that is uber cute!

  19. Absolutely! Would love to make a canvas print of a photo of my niece!

  20. I do not know what picture I would use yet.

  21. I’d love to turn a family Christmas picture into a canvas! 🙂

  22. Yes – Galapagos trip photo of seals on beach

  23. Nannypanpan says:

    I have a picture of my kids from last Mother’s Day that I’d love turned to canvas

  24. Karen Siegel says:

    Very cool pic ideas with the canvas. Have some photos ready to be converted and hung!

  25. Denise S says:

    I’d use a picture of the kids on vacation.

  26. brandy c says:

    I’d use a picture of my daughter as a newborn.

  27. Katherine says:

    Yes I do My daughters wedding

  28. A picture of my daughter.

  29. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    One of my daughters were married this Fall. I would turn a picture of the family, taken at the wedding, into a canvas.

  30. A picture of my kids!

  31. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would use a family photo from my brother’s wedding.

  32. Yep – a picture of the beach/ocean when the sun was setting in the west (but I was taking a picture towards the east). Gorgeous picture.

  33. Yes, a picture of my daughter.

  34. Laurie Emerson says:

    I would put the picture I have of my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten I took this year.

  35. Tracy C. says:

    My dogs, Bubba and Suey

  36. April Brenay says:

    I have a picture of my husband and kids at busch gardens I would love to frame

  37. I have a picture of my kids in our backyard that would be perfect!

  38. latanya t says:

    my husbands graduation picture with our family

  39. Kristy Miller says:

    Don’t have a picture yet but I know what I would want to use my wedding photo (soon to be taken).

  40. Stephanie Galbraith says:

    I have a future picture in mind. 🙂 My wedding is coming up and I think that I will have a great one from that.

  41. I have a family photo I’d love to turn into a canvas print!

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