Beach Style for Father’s Day! Daddy & Me with Tom & Teddy Bathing Suits

TheMomBuzz received sampled for review. This is her opinion of the brand she has used for three years.

Over the past two years I became a fan of Tom & Teddy Bathing Suits. I am such a fan that when someone was trying to convince me to buy some Board Shorts for my husband at Maui Nix, I said, “Nope! My husband wears Tom & Teddy. They are made in Australia, and Australia KNOWS surf!” So I ended up buying my husband some Flip Flops (Sanuk) at Maui Nix instead.


2014 Matching Board Shorts

Now, why was I buying things for my husband at Maui Nix without my husband? Well, he was working during the kids spring break. So my sister’s family, my boys and I all headed to our mom’s house in Ormond Beach without him. Poor guy.

While at the beach, my son wore his Tom & Teddy bathing suit. He has three board shorts and two UV shirts that match his dads. Although it is absolutely adorable when they match, it’s also sweet and stylish when my son wears his without his dad around. Why? Because every time my son was wearing his suit, he kept telling me how much it reminded him of his dad. It was pretty sweet.


In fact, the Father & Son aspect is one of the big selling points to me. Every suit they have available for men is also available for kids. I love that my sons can match their dad at the beach, pool or water park. It just looks adorable from a mom’s perspective. And my kids really look up to their dad, so this is a positive way they can emulate him.

The Quality Material is one of my top reasons for loving these suits, though. I have owned swimsuits for my boys that are cheaper, but they only last one season. In fact, I had to toss one of my older son’s Star Wars suits this year. The sun, salt and chlorine beats them up, fades them, and destroys the inner elastic. Tom & Teddy wear can be worn year-after-year and/or passed down from one son to another. The suits are salt and chlorine water resistant and UV protected. That suit my son is wearing in the photo above is on it’s third year of use!

When I first found Tom & Teddy, I don’t remember them having UV Shirts. Last year was the first year I saw them and both my husband and son received the long sleeve options. I had my boys try Tom & Teddy short sleeve UV shirts this year. The long sleeve works better for muscular arms, we found. My son is comfortable in either style. I think in hindsight I also prefer the long sleeve simply for the better protection. But short sleeves might be easier to ease your men into wearing UV Shirts if they aren’t used to them yet.


Tom & Teddy 2015 Style

Finally, these suits are Comfortable. They are soft and flexible. Ever take a regular swimsuit, like the ones covered with cartoon characters, and feel it in your hand. It’s kind of plastic-y and polyesterish. It just feels cheap. Tom & Teddy swimwear is soft, made of a microfiber fabric for the outside and cotton mesh lining on the inside. These suits have a comfortable elastic and drawstring for a perfect fit. They also have side pockets and a back pocket.

The UV Shirt and Board Shorts are flexible enough to play on the beach or in the surf. Run, build, play! Plus, the pockets are perfect for holding seaside finds! When I emptied out both my husband’s and son’s pockets before washing their board shorts, I found a nice collection of pretty shells.




If you are looking for a gift from your boys to their dad, definitely check out the Tom & Teddy website. What better way to say “I LOVE YOU, DAD” then having suits that match. If you don’t want it to be completely matching, they do have some patterns that are similar, but in different color options. They also have solid colors available! It would even be fun to get uncles and granddads in on these quality, matching swimsuits!


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  1. nicole dziedzic says:

    The UV swim wear is always the ones i buy for my kids, with all the sun exposure at the beach, lakes, or even water parks it can be very bad on the skin. Great to have swimwear that offers extra protection on top of the sunblock. Looks like you all had some fun in the sand, and it feels so good having the sand between your toes.

  2. vickie Couturier says:

    I love the look of father and son matching swim shorts,really cute

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