New for Summer: Waterproof and Windproof iPhone Case

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Summer is coming. I know many parents look forward to this time of year. No more homework sheets to sign. No more PTCO meetings to attend. No more pacing school lunches. Instead we get to enjoy the sun, beach, pool, museums and more with our children. And we take our phone along to record every moment. Then the inevitable happens. We drop our phone on hard cement. Or in the pool. Maybe it gets splashed by surf or buried in sand. Our phones go through the wringer.


But, new and in time for summer is the super slim Livelloo Mermaid iPhone case. It allows you the freedom to capture outdoor adventures in rain, sleet, snow. You can take photos underwater while diving and snorkling. It will even block wind noise so you can take a phone call while biking, skiing, or snowboarding.

I received the Livelloo Mermaid for my iPhone 5S. The case was white and came with two mandatory pieces and one accessory. The front piece is the one with the plastic screen. You slip your phone in place, lining up the power button. Then you snap the back piece into place. You will actually hear a snap as it all pops in place. There are ports for the headphones and charging. When you are using the case for maximum protection you close the ports. The accessory is a home key plate that you use when diving over 13 feet in depth. When you aren’t diving, you do not use the plate.


Now, I haven’t been brave enough to go swimming in the pool. I am mostly counting on the case to protect against ACCIDENTAL SUBMERSION and all the time I spend on the beach and in the sane with it. I think it looks cool when protected, I feel more secure knowing that I can take my phone everywhere with my and the use of my phone hasn’t been hampered by the case. The only downside is a clicking noise every time I press the home button.

But full Livelloo Mermaid features include:

  • 80FT Under Water Completely Waterproof: The closest competitors can only go 6 to 10 ft under water.
  • Not Only Waterproof: Anti-Grease, scratch proof, anti-dirt, anti-wind, smooth touch, anti-abrasions and many more protective features that their competitors don’t have.
  • Super Slim: Livelloo case is similar to having an iPhone 4 thickness.
  • Swipe Efficient: The top is completely flat therefore swiping is very easy.
  • Sound is clear: Livelloo amplifies the sound/speaker system for good audio and is completely windproof taking out background noise.

Video of Livello’s Testing Process:

The Livelloo Mermaid is available exclusively on Amazon. They currently have cases for the iPhone5 and iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C and iPhone 6 cases will be available in the near future.

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  1. Holly E says:

    Looks great and perfect for the summer. I would love to use it at the beach.

  2. nicole dziedzic says:

    Love that you can take pictures under water and it blocks wind noise, this is the perfect case for outdoors.

  3. I love that it amplifies the sound and stops wind noise….that alone is worth the price of admission.

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