Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the time to show Dad just how much he means to you. While a tie or shave kit may have done the job when you were a kid, it is time to up your game. Here are a few ideas for gifts to show you really care.

The Sports Enthusiast: What could be better to let him know you value time with him than presenting a pair of tickets to the next home game of his favorite team? Spend a fun-filled afternoon chowing on popcorn at the stadium while cheering on the team side by side. Have a little more time? Get tickets to an away game and set up a road trip.

The Home Improvement Dad: For the guy who is always tinkering around the house, completing “honey-to-do” lists and maintaining everything and anything, consider getting him something to spiff up his workspace. A garage organizer is a great way to help Dad keep his tools easily accessible and in order. If he does not have a work bench, perhaps setting up a work center would be ideal so he can have a place where his projects can be worked on in peace.




 The Techie: When your father enjoys being on the cutting edge of tech, the possibilities are endless. Check out the newest smart watches for a “timeless” gift. If he is of a competitive nature, pick up a modernized gaming console stocked with his favorite vintage video games.

The Griller: So Dad feels most at home with a cheesy apron on while standing over a grill? Consider purchasing a new set of grilling utensils, perhaps with the mascot of his favorite team on them (Lowe’s has some great sets of utensils). Pick up a cookbook of next-level grilling techniques so he can impress the neighborhood at the next block party.

The Outdoor Adventure Guy:  Whether he likes to climb the side of a mountain, swing a club on the fairway, or ski the back bowls, chances are he is out to beat his best record. Set Dad up with a private lesson with an expert in the field who can go out with him for a few hours or a day and evaluate his technique while offering professional instruction.

The Film Buff:  If your pop finds his escape within movies, let him truly enjoy the genre of his choice with a surround sound speaker system. He can get fully immersed in the film without any noisy distractions from elsewhere.


Do not let Father’s Day sneak up, finding you holding yet another soap-on-a-rope for dear ol’ Dad. Let him know how much he means to you by planning ahead and getting him the perfect gift.

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  1. nicole dziedzic says:

    I love idea for the griller, techhie, and the outdoor type, my husband falls under all of these. But he really loves the outdoors, so getting him something under this category is what i am looking into.

  2. Dana Rodriguez says:

    My guy is a griller most out of any of these.He loves to cook.I like the idea of his favorite team on some new grilling gear!

  3. Rebecca Kellerman says:

    Great ideas thanks! My dad is a tech guy and I will look into these options!

  4. Great ideas for a fathers day gift. Loved the idea of gifting of surround sound speaker system. That is indeed great. Father can enjoy and whole family can too.a great father’s day gift for a good family time together.

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