First Day of Summer! Jump into the Sun Protection Zone! #Dad #kids

Today is my boys LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. I am thrilled. It’s as much of a break and change of pace for me, as it is for them. I try to think of why summer is so much better. I do not have to get them ready for school in the morning, instead they can just put on casual clothes. No more signing homework folders or trying to remember all the projects that are due or volunteer opportunities I signed up for. It’s just more low-key, casual and go-with-the-flow. Plus, there is all the time we get to spend at pools, the beach and water parks.

My boys have grown with a few different Sun Protection brands for wet suits and board shorts. One of our favorites is Sun Protection Zone. I always loved their full body swim suits that had the boys looking like super heroes back in the day.


(TBT of Loch 4 or 5 years ago in Sun Protection Zone)

This year we received a few new styles to try. I found out that sizing was a little trickier, but that there are more options over all.

HOODIE: For my oldest, I chose a Boy Hoodie Long Sleeve Suit in Navy/Red, Size 8. We found it to be a little short in the torso, we needed more length. He can wear it for this season, though. But I would go up a size when ordering it online. We chose it for the hoodie. He loves hoodies. He thinks they are cool. I know it provides extra protection on the neck. Since he doesn’t go into rough waters to swim, I also didn’t worry about it getting in the way if he decides to take a dunk in the water. (We were at Shark Tooth Beach, and my son tends to stay on shore here.) The long sleeves offer sun protection for his arms, so I don’t have to worry about applying sunscreen there. Instead I just apply sunscreen to his face and legs and he is good to play at the beach!


Sun Protection Hoodie with Long Sleeves shown on left.


Protection of Hoodie depicted to the left.

SURFER STYLE: We also received a Children’s Wet Suit. I was hoping to get to a specific beach to try it out, but so far we’ve only been to LEGOLAND Water Park, our own birthday water slide and Shark Tooth Beach. I wanted this for the colder water at Ormond Beach. They offer surfing lessons there too! This Surf Suit is perfect for any kids you might be enrolling in Surf Camp this summer! It is UPF 50, so they are protected for long periods in the sun. It is also comfortable, with a lot of stretch. And the kids will love looking like cool surfer dudes! Note: I did find the sizing to run larger on this Surf Suit when he tried this on. So order a size down if you want an exact fit.


FOR DAD: Finally, I was keen on protection for my light-skinned husband. I was into their UltraLite Shirts with 4-way stretch. I requested one in XL for my husband and he loves it. When you pick it up, it feels like its not even there. It is amazingly thing, light weight, movable, stretchy. It fit his muscles very well. He wears it for theme parks or to watch our kids play sports. I can’t say ENOUGH positive things about these shirts. There are no underarm seams, there is mesh on the sides for extra breathability. It is just a must-have shirt for summer – especially Florida summers.


Husband well protected with UltraLite Sun Protection Zone, Umbrella and Sunglasses. Me making a duckie-gangsta face. Don’t judge.

Overall, we think the quality of this brand is superb. They last for years. But sizing was confusing for my youth. Sizing was spot on for my husband. Any questions, feel free to ask!

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