Children’s Book: Ninja Bunny

ReadingMy children are now past the age of picture books. They are both reading chapter books! Second and Fourth Graders are AMAZING. But as an elementary school teacher major, I will always have a BIG place in my heart for children’s books. Lots of big pictures, repetition, good illustrations and a fun story.

Ninja Bunny is just that type of book. The book is written as a how-to for how to become a super awesome ninja. A little bunny in a ninja suit is reading the book of rules, where rule 1 means always working alone. But by the end, the ninja bunny learns that friends and teamwork are a must to battle big foes and battles.

Ninja Bunny is 22 pages of text, but not every page has lots of text. Some pages are images only, or have only “hi-yah!” written on them. The illustrations are simple and cute, with a lot of appeal. The story is cute and witty with a lot of appeal for toddlers, preschoolers and up to first grade.


The book I received for review is hardcover with paper pages. It is written and illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olson. It is published by Alfred A. Knopf Books  for Young Readers with a MSRP of $16.99. Ninja Bunny is available TODAY.

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