Summer Fun: Grilling Indoors and Outdoors! @GeorgeForemanCo

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Summer is officially here! The days are long, so you can enjoy outdoor fun. Frisbee, swimming, margaritas in the shade and good barbecue! And even when the light dims, who says you can’t continue the party with some twinkling lights, music, s’mores and chasing fireflies!


Using the grill is just part of summer. Who wants to cook indoors when all the fun is outdoors? And George Foreman has just the grill for you! Yes, George Foreman grills FIRST make me think of the plug-in kitchen grills that drained excess fat off meats. My husband had one and even I loved cooking with it. But George Foreman also this gorgeous, affordable grill that is aesthetically pleasing. And the food it grills is pretty good too, depending on the savvy chef! (There is an included recipe book for superb ideas!)


The Grill has a nonstick and sloped grilling surface. The sloped surface allows excess grease to escape, just like in the original George Foreman countertop grills! It also has “precision” cooking with its plug in temperature control dial. I used to have another countertop cooker that worked very similar and I loved that control dial. It also takes some guesswork out of whether the meat is cooked through or not, for a more successful grilling experience!


It is an ELECTRIC GRILL. No gas, no fire, no coal. I think that makes it easier to use. Plus, you can cook at a moment’s notice – no having to fill a propane tank or fetch coal and matches.

And, you know what makes it even cooler. You can grill INDOORS with this electric grill. So when the surprise rain showers catch you off guard, you can still bring the party INDOORS with an OUTDOOR feel. The grill can be removed from the stand for countertop cooking!


Countertop Cooking makes it seem like the grill is “small”, but NOPE! This is cooking party-size meals. It’s grilling surface is 240 sq. inches. It can cook 15 servings at one time.

But like I said before, this grill is affordable at just $99! It makes a great summer gift, wedding gift, new home gift, Father’s Day gift – I can keep going ON and ON. I’m just in love! I think my husband and I are going to be fighting over this grill all summer!

So, let’s go over WHY this grill is AWESOME.

  • Less grease for healthier meats
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Cook for a PARTY!
  • Non-stick surface for easy burger flipping and clean-up
  • Electric, so you can cook without coal, gas or fire!
  • Precision cooking with temperature dial

Want to learn more and/or purchase it for yourself? Visit and check out the Indoor/Outdoor Grill.

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  1. Rebecca Kellerman says:

    I have been wanting a George Foreman grill for a whillllee. It seems so easy and convenient, so I’d be able to cook for my boyfriend. Yum! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Goodness, this grill is definitely a newer version than the original George Foreman Grill. I like that its Electric. I’ve always been scarred of Charcoal or Propane Grills. This will be a great grill for that purpose alone, but its also great that its much healthier than the “normal” grill most use.

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