Cultivating Creativity at your Office #walmart #womenowned

For the past two months I’ve been “daylighting” at another job, other than theMomBuzz. Now I work at an office that is right next to my children’s school. Literally. They can walk through a hallway and there I am. Which is awesome!

My job is awesome, the location is awesome, my coworkers are awesome. You know what else is awesome? My “work essentials”. I’m sorry, but I am JUST not a yellow post-it kind of gal. I like bright colors, fun shapes, things that call your attention to what you are doing to help you keep organized. I have rainbow colored filing folders and a Ninja on my desk holding my Post-it Notes and pen.


Recently I received some amazingly funky office supplies from Debbie Lynn, Inc. which adds a lot of pizazz to my desk. Among my items were gem push pins, bright and bold markers and highlighters and eye-catching sticky notes. Debbie Lynn, Inc. is a women-owned business and her items definitely prove she knows what we want in an office to liven up our otherwise predictable work.

#Walmart office supplies from a #womanownedbusiness – DebbieLynn – bright, fun, awesome

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The collection also includes erasers with trendy catchphrases and hilarious pencil sharpeners and pens. All of these funky finds are on Walmart’s shelves this summer – perfect to pick up for college students AND yourself during back-to-school shopping.


Debbie Lynn, Inc. items will have a WOMAN OWNED logo. Look for it to spot high-quality products made by companies owned by woman!

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  1. Kimberly M. says:

    You are like me. I buy the colorful things. It’s not that I feel I am a standout but I sure like it when I have bright cheery colors around me. I love that they make all these wonderful colors and they are so easy to find at Walmart.

    • Yes! Once I got the Debbie Lynn push-pins I removed all other pins from my corkboard and redid them with the brighter, cooler ones!

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

  2. Rebecca Kellerman says:

    I love colorful items. All my school notebooks were filled with colored notes and I always had at least four different colored pens on me at a time. Need to brighten my day! It helps me recall information too.

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