Social Media Can Be the Face of a Business: Two Tips

All too often businesses exist as buildings or products. The internet has changed the way people, businesses included, communicate and interact with each other. One of the biggest trends to come out of the internet over the past few years is social media, and the trend has taken root on the smartphones and tablets of users across the world. Business and organizations have also grabbed social media by the virtual horns and realized that the social services can become the face of an organization. By sharing and interacting, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more can put a personal touch on businesses and replace those thoughts of buildings with ideas and concepts centered on a brand.


The Art of Sharing
Sharing information on social media for a business is largely identical to what takes place on personal accounts. Growing a following and making an impact requires thoughtful information to be passed on to fans and followers. When that information gets likes, favorite, and shared again, the business gains exposure, which is what translates into visitors and customers. Good shares, like photos, positive articles, and even congratulatory notes, can quickly take on a life of their own, which is very similar to personal user accounts. Palmco does a great job of keeping the focus of its Facebook page on topic and relevant, which helps the company grow.

Twitter-OffInteraction Matters
When users leave comments on social media and get a reply directly from a company or organization, the business seems a little more human. Not only can the reply or the recognition mean that an actual person was listening, but it also indicates to users that someone in the business cares. A short reply, a thank you, or even a little note reminding users to have a great day can go a long way in building the social media following that business need to move forward.

In the end, social media can become the face of a business or organization by sharing great information and interaction with fans and followers. Not only will people realize that the business is made up of actual people, but in reinforces the belief that somebody at the company is listening. Social media exists to help people communicate, and businesses can reap the rewards associated with maintaining positive channels of communication with customers and even manage to win some new one.

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