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Living in Florida with 67% humidity means that I LOVE hair straighteners. I am mostly a wash-and-go kinda gal, but when I need to look my best, I put some leave-in conditioner or serum on my hair and straighten like a pro. To straighten like a pro, you need the right type of straightener.



One feature I look for in a straightener is Ceramic Plates. Ceramic Plates allow for a straighter finish in a quicker amount of time because they retain heat better. So you aren’t going over a head of hair with different temperatures at each pass. Well, the Remington TStudio PROtect Straightener has those Ceramic Plates, plus new technology that better PRO-tects your hair.



The PROtect part of this straightener is the Vapor Infusion Technology it utilizes that seals in moisture. As we all know, straighteners damage hair because of the heat. But by sealing in the moisture, your hair remains healthier. There is 68% better protection from hair breakage! The results of the straightener also last longer. Users see up to 90% more frizz control. Both of these results are seen when you combine the Remington TStudio PROtect Straightener with a bonus macadamia conditioning treatment.

It heats up fast (30 seconds) to salon temperatures (450 degrees). So we are talking professional quality, literally in the palm of your hands, getting your hair straight and perfect for any occasion!

Thankfully all of these benefits are affordable, retailing for only $82.99 at and a tad less at Target. That means I can go out and get it before my next night out!

If you want to learn more about the Remington TStudio PROtect Straightener and bonus macadamia conditioning treatment, visit



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