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theMomBuzz received a sample. This is her opinion on the sample received.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was constantly filling photo albums with pictures. As we went digital, I had a transition period where I would fill both photo albums AND make professionally printed photobooks. Now I am primarily a Photo Book person, but most of my books are filled with photos from my DSLR. And let’s be honest, as a multi-tasking mom of two active boys, most of my pictures are NOT taken on my DSLR, they are taken on my iPhone.


Yes, I could upload my iPhone pictures to Shutterfly as I go, but even easier is the Mosaic Mixbook app that you use straight from your phone. Choose your 20 favorite photos from your Apple or Android device and the app will create a photo book in minutes. If you like it, order it. If not, mix up the photos for a new result. It is the fastest photo book you’ll ever make. It’s just $30 and your book will arrive right to your doorstep within a few days. It’s quick, inexpensive, stunning and thoughtful.

Video: Watch Mixbook’s Mosaic in action: or visit

I made my own Mosaic Mixbook and it truly took minutes. There is barely any customization and you do not add captions or have any say in the order the pictures appear. I do love the simplicity, making it easy to make a photobook NOW, rather than waiting and forgetting. Or worse, waiting and then having thousands of photos that you have to go through and choose your favorites, the task being so big you put it off again and again.


When my book arrived, the presentation was awesome. It came in a box with a special “collage” strip keeping the box closed. There is a little ribbon in the box to help pop your book out. I loved the packaging so much, that I keep my Mosaic Book in it.


The quality is excellent, the app is easy and the price is right. If you want to give it a try, I suggest picking your top twenty memories from this summer. Maybe a party with friends, a vacation with family or a trip to a theme park? As they say, “Remarkable moments happen every day. We want to give these moments a place to shine.

If you are interested in making a photo book that is a little bigger, and can include more photos then take a look at the high quality keepsake book Montage.

The Skinny: Low on time and looking for convenience –

Mosaic Mixbook is the way to preserve your memories.

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