7 Places to Visit in Charleston, SC

One of the more popular tourist destinations on the East Coast is Charleston, South Carolina. The city harkens back to history and presents several historical areas for exploration. Of course, the city also offers several activities to keep even most demanding of travelers occupied with some fabulous ways to spend time as well. Finding hotels in Charleston is a relatively simple task since all the major brands and several independent hotels are present. Vacationers looking to save money on hotels simply need to shop around and check different dates to secure the best rate. The area offers a stunning array of activities and sightseeing options, including some great historical options.


Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum

Visitors looking to experience some of the most fascinating displays of naval history will enjoy a stop at Patriots Point. With several United States Navy ships available for exploration, all decommissioned, the experience can provide hours of enjoyment.

Magnolia Plantations and Garden

Getting in touch with the grandeur of the Old South can be an amazing journey with a stop at Magnolia Plantations. The historic location gives visitors a glimpse of what life was like in pre-Civil War era South Carolina and allows for some breathtaking views of the lush gardens.

River or Harbor Cruise

With so much to see on land, it is easy to forget that Charleston is a large port city. Taking a tour via boat around the harbor or along the river can give visitors a chance to relax their aching feet and see some of the most brilliant architecture around.

Aiken-Rhett House

The Aiken-Rhett House is another of Charleston’s finest examples of historical identity. Visitors get a chance to explore a home dating back hundreds of years and experience a peek inside the lives of the wealthy owners.

South Carolina Aquarium

The South Carolina Aquarium can be a great place for visitors to take a break from the heat of the day and enjoy looking at some of the magnificent underwater creatures. Conveniently located, the aquarium has a variety of fish and attractions that every family can enjoy.

Historic District

Charleston has an extensive historic district that travelers of all ages can enjoy. From architecture to decoration to restaurants, the area offers travelers a unique experience from a time long ago. The area serves to underscore Charleston’s importance in history and inspire visitors with some truly unique experiences.



Since Charleston is located in proximity to the mighty Atlantic Ocean; there are several options for anyone looking to enjoy the sand and surf. Plus, with ample parking and available shuttles, visitors can enjoy a day free of stress playing in the waves, building a castle, or laying on the beach.

In the end, Charleston offers travelers a number of different activities. With experiences as interesting as the city itself, the entire area can satisfy the vacation needs of families, couples, and solo travelers. Since there are a number of options for accommodations and dining, Charleston welcomes those looking for a little adventure and anyone looking to keep with old favorites. History and modern amenities are combined in a one-of-a-kind setting that offers entertainment around the year. With easy roads to navigate and a friendly population, just about everyone can enjoy a trip back in time with the classic city of Charleston.

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