6 Tips for Staying on Budget in Kansas City

When you visit Kansas City, there are a million wonderful ways to spend your vacation dollars. Between the luxurious hotel options, the delicious food and the fabulous attractions, sticking to your travel budget can be challenging.
However, you don’t have to go over budget to have a wonderful time in Kansas City when you follow these tips.

pinkpig1. Write Down Your Budget
Many travelers have a general idea of what they would like to spend on their vacation, but they never write down a specific budget. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for failure.

You don’t want to spend time once you arrive in Kansas City trying to figure out how much you were supposed to spend on food or entertainment, so write down the specifics before you leave home. Put your written budget in your wallet or take a picture of it with your phone so you can refer to it as often as necessary.

2. Choose the Right Hotel
Travelers appreciate the fact that there are plenty of affordable hotels in Kansas City, and choosing the right hotel is a vital part of sticking with your budget. Search for hotel deals online so you are sure you are getting the absolute lowest price for your stay.

The hotel’s location also affects your budget. If there is a specific area of the city that really interests you, try to choose a Holiday Inn in that area. This will automatically save you money on mass transit costs or cab fare.

beachrace3. Look for Free Fun
There’s plenty to do for fun in Kansas City that doesn’t cost anything! Spend a day exploring some of the city’s beautiful parks, and enjoy seeing the sites and snapping photos with your loved ones. When you take advantage of events like First Fridays, you can indulge in local culture and music without paying hefty entrance fees.

4. Bring Along Snacks
No visit to Kansas City is complete without enjoying the city’s delicious food, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase three meals and snacks every day during your trip.
Before you leave home, throw some basic snacks, like trail mix, granola bars or crackers into your bag. You can enjoy these snacks while you are on the go around the city, and save your dining dollars for some truly memorable meals.

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5. Plan Some Splurges
Even though planning is vital, vacation is all about treating yourself. You won’t have shock when you open your credit card bills after the trip when you budget for these splurges.
If you know you want to get a spa treatment at your hotel, budget in some money for a massage. If a highlight for you is getting ice cream every night after dinner, put some extra dollars into your food budget category.

6. Remember Why You’re Budgeting
Finally, sticking with a budget is easier when you remember why you are doing it. When you remind yourself that you are sticking to your travel budget so you can have enough funds to take another wonderful vacation next year, it’s a little easier to say no to those impulse purchases.

When you stick with your written travel budget, you’ll be able to return to Kansas City on another trip even sooner!

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