Never Knew an Old Mobile Handset Could Bring in This Much! [Good You Didn’t Sell Them Off]

While selling off your old mobile certainly can bring in a few bucks, there are other creative ways to upscale your old handset and make it user-friendly in this day and age. Yes, your old handset doesn’t have to be part of the landfill and should you not want to send it in for recycling, here are a few creative ideas that you could employ the old boy with- after all, your first handset still has an emotional connect with you, doesn’t it?

innotablochYour child could use it as a toy

Let’s face it folks, kids these days are a smarter lot and a plastic toy-handheld device doesn’t trick them into playing ‘Hello! Tring-Tring these days’! The trick may have worked for us back in the days when an old landline dial phone was the norm, but the new-age calls for more. Hence, give your old phone to your kid and allow him or her to play with it.

Use it as a paperweight

Give the old handset a nice polish, shine its edges and use it as a paperweight. The old handset could be a chic furnishing item for the study table in your child’s room, your husbands study room or maybe in the kitchen, when you are busy conjuring a meal looking at the leaf of a recipe book.

Dial 911

Did you know that your old handset is still capable of saving your life? Yes, you read that right! Your old handset indeed can be used to make an emergency call, provided the battery works. It doesn’t need to have a valid working SIM card or a number per se, and Federal Laws across the globe allows you to use the concept too! Teach this to your kids as well!

KeeganTracksAirWireless music system

The old android handset with wireless features can be connected to the wifi you use at home, and in turn make the device your personal wireless music system. Tag along with the old boy a pair of woofers, and a party can happen just about now!

Use the camera as a webcam

Convert the old camera phone into a webcam when you skype next with your special someone, your family and friends. There are apps that can be downloaded and installed on the old phone, and one look online would teach you how to do so!

Tinker along

You could tinker along with your old handset, and reuse the LCD of the screen or the various parts of the phone for many other needs. Every bit of the handset can work like magic for other uses around the house- check online for more tutorials on such concepts.

erincarCar problems no more

Did you know there are various tutorials online that teach the masses out there on how to convert an old phone into a remote for your car? Surprised! Google this concept and there are wizards willing to share this money-saving information with you for free.

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  1. These are great uses for old mobile phones!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    What a lot of great ideas to recycle a old mobile handset. I think that using it to create a remote for your car would be awesome. I want to try this!

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