More & Better Selfies with the Solo Selfie Stick

I remember the days when you would take your camera, filled with film, turn it around, hug your besties close, stick your arm out as far as it could go and then snap a photo and hope for the best. A week later you get your film developed and see the hilarious selfies that you took!


Things have changed since then. Selfies have to look good, capture everyone perfectly and then you have to post them on all your social networks. Thankfully, the fact you can see the selfies IMMEDIATELY after taking them and delete the ones you don’t like without wasting film is a big plus! And to make selfies even easier you use a Selfie Stick.

I saw one in action the other day at the beach, with a teenage daughter and her mom. It was sweet. The daughter was the one in charge of the selfie stick. I remembered having something similar for my digital camera back in the day, but you would have to use the auto timer on the camera, as well. But the girl made it seem easy with her stick, so I was ready to try it.

I happened to be given two selfie sticks from two different brands. One was for a review and the other was a gift. The one that I liked best was the Solo Stick Premium.



The Solo Stick Premium uses BlueTooth to connect wirelessly to your Smart Phone. It has to be charged, which you can do with a provided USB cable, simply hook it up to your computer. To use the Solo Stick Premium, you:

  1. Verify it’s charged and charge if necessary
  2. Turn it on
  3. Check the settings on your phone and verify that it found the wireless connection for the Solo Stick
  4. Attach your phone to the padded grip simply by inserting it. I found this part easy and secure.
  5. Put on a smile, grab your friends or dog, maybe fly solo and take a picture by pressing the camera button on the Solo Stick’s handle.


I can tell you, it was SO easy. You can do it straight from the box, like I did. (Get a load of the crazy post-workout hair!)


The Solo Stick Premium is available in Blue, Pink and various Black options. It is available for a discounted price RIGHT now at I prefer the Premium to the regular Solo Stick, because it is wireless. There is a “wired” version available, though.

The Solo Stick is perfect for teens, social networking aficionados, and parents who want every moment captured. They are also the perfect size and shape to fit into a Christmas Stocking *hint*hint*. And like I mentioned before, right now the price is VERY right to purchase one!

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  1. vickie couturier says:

    I took one with my best friend at a school function for one of my grandkids,,it was my first selfie

  2. I love taking pictures and somehow have still not bought a selfie stick yet.

  3. I didn’t know they made them with blue tooth for ease of use.

  4. James Robert says:

    I just heard about selfie sticks a few weeks ago. I guess they must be pretty popular.

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