Back-to-School Savings at @Zulily – all year long?

The following is a sponsored post. While I was compensated for it, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and in no way were influenced by the company.

I have already hit up Zulily twice for back-to-school. Once to buy 2 headphones for my boys, along with a watch for one of them. The second time to pick up an item to donate as part of a class basket for a fundraising auction we are holding.


Sure, last month there were loads of “typical” back to school brands, from clothing to school supplies. But there are also those atypical things that you will end up buying for “school” all year long and zulily deals make them happen. For example, I wanted my second grader to have an analog watch to wear to school and help him learn to tell time WITHOUT relying on digital. The headphones are used in some of their classes during computer time. And the fun barbecue item I purchase will help my sons’ school raise more money for technology. And as we get closer to holidays, I will be picking up gifts for teachers and school staff.


You will want to check Zulily daily, as new “shops” open. Right now you will find:

  • Uniform Deals
  • Sports Gear
  • Lunchtime Items
  • Minion Collection

Minions are awesome for back-to-school, right?! If you see something your friends will like, share it. New sign-ups for referrals will earn you more money to shop! And trust me, you can get some good shopping done on Zulily.


The hardest part of Zulily is the wait. They have to compile all the orders at the same time and then ship them at the same time. I usually order things I know I can wait approximately a month for. It’s worth it when you are saving up to 70% off items!

As for customer service … I’ve heard good things. I had one error on my last order and I am hoping to resolve it quickly, but that can happen with any company. I e-mailed them and they replied in approximately 4 hours. They game me credit for free shipping on my next order and I was going to be reimbursed (it takes up to three days) for the item they shipped incorrectly. As long as they fix the error, I’m good. Thankfully it was not on an item I needed to use IMMEDIATELY, but an item I purchased as a Christmas Gift for my husband.

So have you ever checked out Zulily but were afraid to commit since it was a different way to shop? I say try one small order and see how it works for you. They are already posting Halloween and Thanksgiving items, so those can be good things to do your first order on. If it works just as well as I expect, you can then go back for more, bigger shopping!

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  1. James Robert says:

    My sister orders from here all the time. I have signed up for their emails and receive daily but haven’t ordered yet. Some great deals though

  2. I haven’t visited this site yet. Looks like I need to.

  3. I haven’t checked it out yet but I noticed my sister buys a lot of their kids clothes from there.

  4. Oh I need to check them out! Looks like they have alot of neat things

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