Scream-a-Geddon in Tampa Bay – New for 2015 #review

Passes were provided for review. TheMomBuzz paid the $10 Parking fee.

In Florida, there are a lot of attractions to visit for Halloween. This year I chose to visit Scream-a-geddon, which was a new Halloween attraction for the Tampa Bay area.


The haunt actually takes place at Tree Hoppers in Dade City. When we drove from Tampa, the weather was fine. By the time we were on line to get into Scream-a-geddon at 7:00pm (it opens at 7:30pm) the rain had started. It caused some delays and I truly think we didn’t get the whole Scream-a-geddon impact, but it was still a fun “local” night for my husband and I.


There are six attractions at Scream-a-geddon:

  • Bedlam 3D: When we entered the attraction, it was raining. Bedlam 3D was the only house open at this time, so we headed right for it. This is a 3D Scary Clown theme. My husband hates clowns, and there was no shortage of freaky clowns in this one. The house was longer than my husband and I expected. By the end we weren’t even sure we were going in the right direction, but a clown showed us the way out! They get closer and more personal than the “frights” at other local Halloween parks. This one was an excellent house!
Still not sure what to expect when this photo was taken.

Still not sure what to expect when this photo was taken.

Then the rain continued and nothing else was open. We hid under some covering where the caricature artists were going to work and waited for another attraction to open. Eventually one did.

  • Pandemic: This one is interactive. You can choose to be “marked” by wearing glow necklaces. If you choose the interactive experience, they would reroute you, touch you and even put you in different rooms! My husband and I chose not to wear the glow necklaces, but even we were rerouted at times. The theme of Pandemic is a genetic testing unit that goes very wrong.
Soaking wet outside of Pandemic

Soaking wet outside of Pandemic

When we got out, the other attractions were still not open. We walked around a bit and then heard that there would be rain passes given out and that other attractions may open. We didn’t want to do the drive back, so we stuck around and stood in a hopeful line for Infected. But then Dead Woods sneakily opened.

  • Dead Woods: This one was FLOODED, but they gave us a chance to go through it. They warned us mud might be 5 inches high, but I was wearing boots and it probably went 7″ up. It was pitch black and really took place “in the woods”. This theme is a backwoods family that has a taste for flesh! It was a big family. We would trudge through mud, hit a random hut, be scared by members of the cannibalistic family, trudge through more mud, hit another random hut, get scared again. It was probably my favorite house!

Then we waited again on line for Infected. They were putting hay down to help with the mud. And then it opened!

  • Infected: There was a lot going on in here. Impromptu Military tents, quarantine areas, a bus, a church, a corn field. Whatever – it was freaky and scary! Except for the ONE guy on the bus who got so close to my face I could feel the humidity of his breath and then he LICKED me. He tried licking my face, I think, but it ended up licking my hand when I moved. So, that was a bummer and I needed a shower that even the rain couldn’t wash off. So, some better explanations to their scare staff is in order.

After that we wandered over to the Cursed Hayride, feeling VERY hopeful. It was unfortunately not going to open. The rain turned it into a lake. The manager of the Cursed Hayride did take this picture with me and he was very kind when not in character! I am a little sad, because I was most looking forward to this attraction. If you get a chance, this is what you should expect:

  • Cursed Hayride: This one seems to be a wagon ride through a haunted area. You’ll see residents of a cursed, western town.


Finally, there was the Monster Midway. It was hard to enjoy with the rain, but this is where the food, drinks and carnival style games will be happening. For example, this guy who is just amazing:

We went to @screamageddon – it rained a lot but this guy was still on fire! #halloween in #tampabay

A video posted by Erin Taylor (@speak2erin) on

Overall, we did have fun. This has a smaller, more “college student” feel to it. I liked how close it was, the price is right and the amount of time we spent there (2.5 hours) was just right. Lines were also short because of the rain. Most of the staff was professional. I truly don’t think we got the “real” experience because of the rain, but from what we DID see it seems like a great, new local attraction that I hope grows year-after-year.

Learn more about this limited-time attraction at Tree Hoppers by visiting their website: Scream-a-geddon

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  1. I like going through haunted houses. That one seems eerily fun. That stinks, though, that it had to rain so much when you went.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and thrilling!

  3. zombiefan2015 says:

    I absolutely love scream-a-geddon! Its the best out there! Its a different kind of scare from your usual prompted haunts like hallo-scream and universal’s Halloween horror nights but it definitely is worth coming out to see! There’s always fun things going on to win free tickets and they have reasonable sales on off so far through the season so the tickets are affordable and the attractions are worth it . I know the day you went was rained out, a lot of us were very upset that we couldn’t scare to our fullest potential but despite ft he rain, scream-a-geddon has don’t nothing but improve their skills to offer a better, scarier experience.

    • I just wish I could have gone on the Cursed Hayride. It sounded fun. And I was upset about the one over-exuberant employee. Otherwise all the other employees were great. I think you have to be a fun “guest” too to enjoy the crazy houses AND the mud we got. It made it all more “real”.

      Happy Buzzing!

      Erin T.

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