The Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies

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Earlier this year I reviewed Animals in a Tube. They were great non-candy options for Easter Baskets and Eggs. But with Halloween creeping closer, I was looking for a candy alternative to hand out in baskets. Along comes the Big Buckets of Monsters and Zombies. Just like animals in a tube, they come in a tube. There are 100 Light Gray and Dark Gray Monsters in one tube. There are 100 glow in the dark zombies in the other. Choose your poison, or choose both!


Big Bucket of Monsters: All of the monsters come in dark gray or light gray. You have several of each type of monsters, expect repetition. The lucky 13 Monsters included are:

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Giant Spider
  • Cyclops
  • Frankenstein
  • Dracula
  • Mummy
  • Zombie
  • Tombstone
  • Grave
  • Werewolf
  • Giant Moth
  • Krampus
  • Godzilla


None of the creatures in my set were broken. They were like the “army” toys that have that nostalgic feel. They are great for little Halloween prizes, toys, goody bags and, like how I plan to use them, giving them out instead of candy. Available for purchase on, and specialty retailers nationwide.

Big Bucket of Zombies: This is similar to the Big Bucket of Monsters, but they are all glow in the dark green and, of course, related to the zombie theme. The 17 zombie characters featured are:

  • Woman Screaming
  • Zombie missing arm
  • Zombie Cat (I love this one)
  • Zombie Dog (I love this one too)
  • Gravestone
  • Zombie Girl running with Teddy Bear
  • Zombie coming out of grave
  • Zombie dragging on the floor missing both legs
  • Zombie with mohawk
  • Zombie eating brains
  • Woman Zombie
  • Zombie with Axe in Head
  • Very Skinny Zombie
  • Zombie Woman with Brains in Hand
  • Boy Running
  • Zombie slowly walking
  • Tombstone


The features in this set are a little harder to see. Some of the zombies I thought were the same, but upon a closer look I could see that they were actually different. These glow in the dark when put under a bright light and then put in the dark room. Overall, cool to hand out for parties, maybe put a few on tables at Halloween events, and kids will like them instead of cheap candy. Available for purchase on, and specialty retailers nationwide.


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