Skylanders SuperChargers Review: WiiU

TheMomBuzz received a Skylanders SuperChargers for review. TheMomBuzz purchased additional characters and a remote control to facilitate this review. This is our honest opinion on the game.

My youngest (7) has been a fan of the Skylanders games since their inception. But it’s my oldest (9) who is really psyched about the story and game play behind the new Skylanders SuperChargers. In fact, he made a little video with his thoughts! (Feel free to give him a thumbs up, it’d make his day!)

Now here is the gist of our thoughts on this new game and we may answer a few questions along the way. For example,”Why wont my Donkey Kong work?” or “Why can I only play one player if it’s a multiplayer game?“. Read on and we’ll answer all of that and more.

Superchargers takes the game a step further in setting the pace for the “toys-to-life” genre for the last several years. In years past, the “toys” have been statues but with the latest incarnation the updated “toys” were able to have them more maneuverable with the vehicles and actually feel more “toy like” then in previous versions of the game. The Supercharger series seems a bit sturdier then last year’s game and the vehicles are able to withstand a young kid and their imagination.


In Superchargers, the vehicles assist in getting around the game – water, air or land. These can be upgraded, just like the characters, as you advance through the game. Throughout the game, you can change characters and vehicles alike with the NFC-enabled SuperChargers portal. The portal is bigger to allow for two players and a vehicle. You can win the game with just a land vehicle, but it will be more fun and you can access more areas if you own all three vehicle types.


I purchased Fiesta and His Car. It is a Land Car. There is also a Limited Edition Frightful Fiesta that is available for $13.99.

To understand what’s happening in the game, I reached out to my son. In this version, Skyland is under attack by Kaos and is assisted by a powerful character known as The Darkness. Creating a massive flying machine, Kaos uses this to absorb Skyland and ultimately lead to its destruction. Your task is to rescue the entrapped Skylanders and save the realm.

Game came with Super Shot Stealth Elf. I've always loved this character!

Game came with Super Shot Stealth Elf. I’ve always loved this character!



  • Rating: E (Everyone)
  • Platform:
    • Playstation 4
    • Playstation 3
    • Xbox One
    • Xbox 360
    • Nintendo Wii U (Game was reviewed on this console)
    • Nintendo Wii
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • iOS

Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer


Pros At-A-Glance:

  • Backwards compatible with Characters – there are currently over 200 characters in the series
  • Online multiplayer
  • Fun Storyline for both adults and kids
  • New Vehicle element – “Races”

Cons At-A-Glance:

  • Our only issue was having to purchase an additional controller for two player play. The WiiU nunchuck control does not work with this game. (If looking for this for holiday or birthday presents, check to see what controllers your children have and save yourself a little headache.) We are using a combo of the gamepad and the Wii U Pro Controller for two player game play.



  • Bowser and Donkey Kong only work for the Nintendo Systems. And if he still doesn’t work, check the base. He has to be switched from amiibo to Skylanders (or vice versa if you want to use him as a amiibo).

Final Thoughts: Our family is a huge fan of Mario Cart and the racing part of Superchargers brings that element to the household arena. The Skylander team did a good job in making sure the controls were simple, yet challenging enough to be enjoyed by the entire household. Overall, Skylander Superchargers receives Five out of Five “High Fives” at the The Mom Buzz Hive.


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