New, Fun App that combines Balance with the iPad for Kids @Swingy_tm #discount



So a new app & toy combo has just been released on Kickstarter, and it’s one I can fully get behind. It’s called Swingy. It uses a smart balance board to allow kids to play games on their smartphones or tablets.

Media photo, the Swingy App game

Media photo, the Swingy App game

How it Works: You receive two balance pedals, one per foot. There is a removable smart chip device in it. You also download the Swingy app on your tablet or phone. You connect the balance pedals to the tablet via bluetooth technology. It was pretty simple for us to do with our review unit and our iPad.


Once everything is connected you can play the first game, which reminds me of the old arcade game pong. Each foot controls a sliding bar on the right and left side of the screen. A ball bounces from wall to wall, and you use your feet to maneuver the bars to keep the ball bouncing. The longer you play, the more difficult it gets. The ball may get faster, the bars may get smaller and things get in the way to change the ball, bars, add points, change directions, change speed, etc.

I was the first to play it – my kids haven’t had the opportunity yet. But they ARE excited to get home today to try it. But I had to share the buzz now, because it launched today and there is special pricing available to those that get in the swing of things first! Early Bird Pricing is $88. It will retail for $150.

Media Photo, Children on Swingy.

Media Photo, Children on Swingy.

For parents and grandparents who are worried that their children are just asking for mind-numbing games that will keep them in front of the television, this is a great alternative. The balance board will keep their minds active, their core strong and all of their little muscle fibers firing as they control their balance. And unlike cheap plastic “tech” toys on the market these are made from sturdy wood and the construction quality is TOP notch.

Overall, it’s Mom Buzz approved! To learn more, visit on these following channels:


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