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I am always picking up books throughout the year for my boys. I love giving them books for good grades, visits from the tooth fairy, holidays, stocking stuffers and gifts under the tree, or just because. For my oldest, I especially keep an eye out for Doctor Who books. He LOVES the Doctors. So when I heard about the most comprehensive book on the Whoniverse, I was happy to receive a review copy.


Whoniverse: The Unofficial Planet-by-Planet Guide to the Universe of the Doctor, from Gallifrey to Skaro is quite a mouthful and mindful. It will make the owner of this book the most knowledgeable about the Doctor Who galaxy and is a great reference guide. It is Hard-Cover, 288 pages and measures approximately 9″x 10″x 1.5″.

There are 6 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Universe. It has 12 different sections, ranging from The Big Bang to Parallel Universes.
  • Chapter 2: The Solar System. It has 21 sections. They all mention planets we know within our solar system, like Venus, Jupiter and various planetary moons. It also separates Old Earth and Young Earth and the colonization of Mars.
  • Chapter 3: Earth’s Colonies in Space. It has 15 sections. Fiction from Fact get cloudy in my head, as I almost believe in these colonies on Ribos, Solos, the Sirius System and the lost colonies.
  • Chapter 4: Planets of Origin. Here you see mention of the Time Lord Planets, Dalek Planets, Cyberman Planets, and Planets of the Monsters.
  • Chapter 5: Distant Planets. Now we get into the distant planets, which are separated into 10 sections. There is the Andromeda Galaxy, Acteon Galaxy, Isop Galaxy and into the Worldsphere.
  • Chapter 6: The Last Planets is separated¬† into 5 parts – Refugees fro Earth, New Earth, The Last Planets, The End of the Universe and the City of the Saved.

The pages are glossy and utilize full color graphics. There are illustrations, photos and diagrams. It references which show you would see a particular topic and behind-the-scenes facts. Overall, I think it’s a must for any fan of the Doctor.

Whoniverse is published Barron with a MSRP of $29.99. It is written by Lance Parkin.

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