Rockboard Descender: All Terrain Downhill Skateboarding

The Rockboard Descender is a Holiday Pick for theMomBuzz!

Apparently I was missing out on some fun growing up. Coming across the Rockboard Descender is a new take on skateboarding. We received a board for review. Looking at the board right from the box, the first thing you notice is the wheels. The wheels resemble tank tread of a Sherman Tank which is perfect for “off-roading” on grass, pavement, wooded areas and whatever other creative areas you can skate on.


The board is meant to only go downhill, in Florida this can be a challenge, but we’ll figure that one out.

If you’re into snowboarding, you’re going to workout the same areas and in the summer months could also assist in keeping in shape for the winter boarding months. There aren’t straps thought and soil is less forgiving then snow.


The board weighs 15.2 lbs and recommended max weight is 200lbs. The board itself is wide and long, measuring 31 inches in length and 9 inches in width. The deck is made from maple, not coming from a composite material that could break. One thing I’ll add with the Rockboard products, they’re built to take a beating and all items feel sturdy.


The Descender was voted Best in Play by Parenting magazine – and award-winning is a trend for the Rockboard product line. It gives you confidence when it’s time to make that purchase.

In case you’re still curious as to what Off Roading for a skateboard is – here’s a quick video… keep in mind this is the biggest “mound” I could find in Florida quickly. It’ll be going on a few trips with the family in the near future.


The Rockboard Descender retails for at $120.00 – no assembly required.

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