Holiday Gift Guide: a Rocketboard RBX Scooter Review

Like most parents, we realize our kids seem to use electronics as their go-to when it comes to free time. At times it can be a chore for parents to get them to do other activities that we enjoyed growing up. But thankfully Rocketboard has put a new spin on an otherwise “old-school” scooter, thanks to the Rockboard (R) Propulsion technology. TheMomBuzz received one to review and here are my thoughts from assembly to riding.

The Beginning: Assembly

Most bikes, scooters and other motorized or non-motorized riding vehicles seem to take an hour or so to put together. If you’re planning on a birthday present or Christmas this can seem like a bit of a logistical headache. Opening up the Rocketboard Scooter, I was actually surprised the scooter was almost assembled – one headache out of the way. And assembly under ten minutes is always a plus!

Rockboard Assembly

First Impressions

Rockboard2Sturdy and well built, the scooter can handle up to 220lbs – good for most parents, a challenge for bodybuilding fathers, like me. The design has a good feel to it.

  • Soft Grips
  • Aluminum alloy brake lever with adjustment
  • Locking internal side height adjuster
  • Steel power drive chain
  • Dual-motion propulsion system featuring unique power factory
  • Rear 200 mm urethane wheel with performance hand breaks
  • Spring-loaded, full-size kickstand
  • Precision race bearings with ultra-fluid motion
  • Front 200 mm urethane wheel with rigid nylon spokes
  • Ultra-strong brake line
  • Non-slip textured rockbound deck

The Rocketboard feels and looks sturdy, which is a nice change; especially when it seems most toys and devices feel cheap and don’t seem to last.


I found riding the Rockboard to be a smooth, fun ride that’s a bit addicting. Yes, it’s meant for kids 8-16, but I can easily see adults riding it – especially those who like to have fun and try new things. (There’s also a Rockboard mini for the smaller crowd, which wasn’t tested on this review). The RBX model doesn’t fold or convert to a kick scooter. In my opinion, this allows for a sturdier build and longer lasting riding vehicle.

TIPS: While riding I came across these thoughts that might be useful to anyone making a purchasing decision.

  • The chain underneath can get hot due to the energy in moving the scooter forward, make sure your kids don’t touch the chain after riding a while.
  • When first trying out the scooter, test it out where there’s minimal traffic. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it.
  • Speeds can get up to 10mph, take it slow at first.
  • WEAR A HELMET. I went over the handle bars the first time I stopped it and thankfully have cat like reflexes. My wife said I fell gracefully in a plank position and then did a push up. I wish I had that on film.

Good to Know: The retail price is $199.99 and it comes in Red, Blue and Black. You can learn more at

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