What Kind of Holiday Host Are You? #win Thanksgiving this year with #JENNIE-O Fool-Proof Turkey

I am hosting my first Thanksgiving ever. Needless to say, I am a little worried. As per most holiday comedies, there are many ways to ruin a Thanksgiving dinner – especially the Turkey. But then Jennie-O gave me the confidence that I could do it, thanks to their Oven Ready Turkey.


Now, if you are reading this and want this fool-proof way to impress your guests, then head towards the nearest Walmart and pick it up. These Turkeys are going FAST. I had received coupons to try it, but unfortunately they were sold out at my nearest Walmart.

ovenreadyturkeyThe JENNIE-O Oven ready Turkey is simple and convenient, yet is bound to be the star of the holiday show. It goes directly from the freezer to the oven with no thawing or handling of raw poultry. It is less mess and provides a perfect result every time. It will be tender and perfectly seasoned, so you can enjoy other aspects of Thanksgiving – like family.

I wanted this fool-proof Turkey, but my Walmart already sold out. But I have picked up other Jennie-O items, I love their pre-seasoned Turkey Tenderloin and all of their Turkey Burgers. I find them all to be moist and delicious when following the provided directions. I am confidant their Oven Ready Turkey will turn out the same way. Trust me, I am a Seasonal Sensation, according to this Thanksgiving Quiz. Play along to see what kind of Thanksgiving Host you are!

And if you do get stuck planning this Thanksgiving, just check out to the Thanksgiving Holiday & Events Page and JENNIE-O will have you back on track before you can say “Pumpkin Pie”.

One reader at theMomBuzz is going to win $30 of JENNIE-O Turkey Coupons. To enter to win, please follow the Rafflecopter Directions below. This contest begins 11/9/15 and ends 11/17/15.

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  1. Christian Alejandro says:

    Leftover lover!

  2. Deana Honeycutt says:

    I think the apple sausage dressings sounds great !!

  3. Karen Drake says:

    My favorite recipe is for Make-Ahead Mushroom Gravy.

  4. Karen Drake says:

    The quiz says I am a Seasonal Sensation.

  5. My favorite holiday recipe is the Chorizo Smashed Potatoes! My husband would probably eat the entire batch if I made it!

  6. I took the quiz and I am the Make-Ahead Magician!

  7. Jennifer Dunaway says:

    The apple sausage dressings sounds really good.

  8. Francine Anchondo says:

    Cake Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies

  9. Trisha McKee says:

    My favorite that I want to try over the holiday is the GARLIC AND ROSEMARY MASHED POTATOES.

  10. I’d like the Make-Ahead Cheesecake-Stuffed Baked Apples

  11. Richard Hicks says:

    I am the seasonal sensation!

  12. Melanie Comello says:

    I’m loving the Rosemary Citrus Herb Turkey. Seriously thinking about giving that one a try for the thanksgiving turkey this year.

  13. Eugenia Hall says:

    I love the Turkey Kabobs!

  14. Tracie Cooper says:

    I would love to make mini pumpkin pies!

  15. Tracie Cooper says:

    I am the Leftover Lover!

  16. My favorite is Garlic and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes.


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