Forest Fresh Christmas Wreaths: A Fresh Tradition #WinaWreath


My family really gets into the Christmas Spirit. We recently moved into a beautiful new house and our goal of having our own Clark Griswold-esque house one day is finally coming true! The nice thing about the holidays is that you can do what makes YOU feel festive. That may mean complementing, cool colors and decor on your Christmas tree … or a mish-mash of crazy colors and inflatables around your lawn. It may be a real tree or a faux tree. Eggnogg or coquito. Elf on the Shelf or an Advent Calendar. Cookies for Santa or singing Carols. The holidays are what makes you happy, reminiscing over the past year and all the people you love.


One tradition that we started two years ago (this year being the third) is a fresh Christmas Wreaths. This year I received one for review from ChristmasForest. I have to tell you, opening the box was like opening a box to Narnia. I swear, I felt a little North Pole magic all the way here in Florida. I definitely got a great scent of evergreen. When I first opened the box, before taking out the wreath, I made each of my children sniff the inside of the box. One said it smelled “good” – that was the 7 year old. The 9 year old said it smelled like “home”. Home. That is AWESOME.

I took out my wreath, which was handcrafted, and inspected it! It is fresh tree branches on a sturdy, circular, metal frame. I keep those frames to reuse with my own designs year-after-year. This year I chose the Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath from Christmas Forest. It is simply the most spectacular (in my opinion) with all the lights, bells, pinecones and big red bow. The big red bow was sent inside the box, but not attached. I had the pleasure of attaching it myself.


Last year I ordered the Polka Dot Frenzy Wreath and it was gorgeous, but I missed the lights. I had to get the Jingle Bell Wreath again. Next year I might try something different again, but I am guessing I’ll come right back to Jingle Bell Wreath again in the future. It’s gorgeous.

The wreath came in a giant box, with a personal message on the outside. So if you send this as a gift, your message is right there for them to see! When you open the box you find your wreath, moist and wrapped in plastic. I was wondering about the lights working after that moisture, but I shouldn’t have had any doubt. The batteries were included and I just had to flip the switch to on to see them in all their brilliance.

The wreath is wonderfully sized – 20″ diameter. Perfect for any door.

So that is why the Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath is my top pick. Bows, working lights, bells, 20″ diameter and FRESH. ChristmasForest does have other options that may work better with your decor. You may find them to be more subdued, classical or rustic. Just choose the wreath that best illustrates what Christmas means to you! There are currently 34 wreaths to choose from! They also have ornaments, fresh garland and nice wreath hangers.



ChristmasForest is sending one reader at theMomBuzz my favorite wreath! Face it, it’s awesome. But tell me… what wreath would you choose?! This contest will run from 11.17.15 to 11.29.15. Just follow the Rafflecopter Widget instructions below to enter.

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  1. Peggy Johnson says:

    I also love the Highlander wreath

  2. ;love love the wreaths

  3. Denise Welch says:

    I like the Holly Classic Wreath.

  4. Heather Dawn says:

    I like the 20″ Polka Dot Frenzy Wreath!

  5. I really like the 20″ Christmas Wish Wreath.

  6. Tara Becker says:

    I like the Blue Glacier. With that color ribbon, I can leave the wreath up through the winter (it is cold enough where I live that it may stay up until March) and it doesn’t look like I was too lazy to take my Christmas wreath down. 😉

  7. Jillian Too says:

    I really like the 20″ Rustic Wreath.

  8. Carolyn Daley says:

    I like the Jazz-a-Tazz Wreath.

  9. Brandon Sparks says:

    25″ Deluxe Christmas Wreath

  10. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love the Blue Glacier Wreath.

  11. Love the 25″ Blue Glacier Wreath. Thanks!

  12. I like the 25″ Winter Wonderland Wreath ,

  13. I love the 20″ Homespun Christmas Wreath!

  14. Peggy Johnson says:

    I also like the winter Wonderland wreath

  15. I like the 25″ Blue Glacier Wreath.

  16. Karen Drake says:

    I love the 20″ Holly Classic Wreath. It would be so nice to have it for my front door.

  17. Vikki Billings says:

    I also love the 20″ Holly Classic Wreath

  18. Tamara Lawson says:

    They all are very nice

  19. I really like the 25″ Winter Wonderland Wreath!

  20. I like the 20″ Art Deco Christmas Wreath

  21. Desiray Blackburn says:

    I like the Jingle Bell Wreath. Thanks

  22. I like the Holly Classic Christmas Wreath best.

  23. My favorite is the 20″ Rustic Wreath, but you can’t go wrong with any of them!

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