For the past year, I’ve been telling my husband it would be so much to do one of those escape rooms. Have you heard of those? They lock you in a room and you have to solve a series of puzzle to get out within one hour. The trouble is, are they REALLY GOOD and which one should you go to?


For Tampa (and Sarasota) residents, I would suggest Escape Countdown. We booked a room with friends and family and FAILED. We only got out because of the hints, but it was still SO MUCH FUN.


In Tampa, you have a choice of four rooms, with a new room coming soon. The four rooms are:

  • Jail Break
  • Mad Hatter Escape
  • Escape from Gaspar Island
  • An Evening in Paris

My crew and I chose Mad Hatter Escape, because my sister is an avid Alice in Wonderland Fan. I don’t want to ruin ANY surprises, but I will say there were two rooms in this adventure. If it wasn’t for my sister and the flashlight on my cell phone, I don’t know if we’d ever have gotten out of room 1! We did that without any hints.


The second room is where we got trapped. Part of it was user error and part of it was just we got a little panicky and were all over the place instead of true teamwork. But that said, it was SO MUCH FUN and the hour sped by. My son already is talking about doing the “Pirate” one – Escape from Gaspar Island. And the new room they are creating seems to be a Mission to Mars kind of room, which my other son is interested in.


The Evening in Paris is more of a romantic, date room. I don’t quite see the fun in THAT, I like adventure and thrills, so the other rooms are more my speed.

The price is actually great. It is $29.99 a person. You can easily book online. I would try to fill up a room with people you know, that way you are working with people you want. This is great in lieu of a birthday party. It’s also a fun way to celebrate an anniversary or to do team building at work.

If you are local to Sarasota or Tampa, visit and book your adventure today. Find out if YOU are smart enough to solve a series of puzzles to escape a room or two.

Any questions about it, just ask below!


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