Plackers Flosser Friends Smile About Healthy Teeth #win

Enjoy this sponsored buzz for Plackers. We know our Plackers Flosser Friend approves!

Before your child gets their first tooth, you already want to be introducing good dental hygiene. They sell those little thumb tooth brushes for gummy babies. Next you introduce toothpaste made especially for toddlers who may swallow the pea-sized amount, along with tiny soft-bristled tooth brushes. As they get older you may use kid-friendly mouthwash and flossing. As soon as two teeth are side-by-side, it is recommended that you start flossing.  But of all the tooth care regime, flossing is one that may easily not be done daily.

My kids used to be great about it! I bought grippy flossers in fun colors, but eventually we were too rushed with after school activities, homework, dinner and quickly get ready for bed. But we reintroduced flossing with a twist, thanks to Flossers.

First off, it’s hard to ignore THIS GRIN.


This is a Plackers Flosser Friend. He is an orange and purple monkey. You lift his grin and inside you have Plackers Flossers in monkey-approved Fruit Smoothie Swirl flavor. So when it’s time to brush at the end of the day, then grab a flosser, then rinse with mouthwash.


I love that this monkey is getting my children back in the habit of flossing. For $5.99, coming with 30 flossers, it’s a great deal. Flossing will reduce childhood tooth decay and promote healthier gums. The alternative is expensive pediatric dentistry to repair cavities or unhealthy gums.

Plackers Flossers have a fun taste, remove plaque and food that can cause tooth decay and unhealthy gums, include fluoride and are BPA free.


Plus, won’t this Flosser Friend look cute in an Easter Basket? Learn more about Flosser Friends at


One reader at theMomBuzz will win a Plackers Flosser Friend. This contest begins 3/24/16 and ends 3/31/16. Plackers is supplying the prize.
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